Sunday, July 23, 2006

poor pool of mediocrity

Dieter, a fellow I made electronic music with in the mid 90s, emailed me some poignant snarly literature.

It's a lengthy debate we're having, full of messages overflowing with torrential musings on The Muse, the clues, paying dues, who's fit to choose (define what is musical vs. what is non-musical, etc.) and other fine arts topics.

Here's what I call The Dieter Challenge, from his email to me last night.

[QUOTE--by Dieter]


The problem with the web and other internet based marketing is that it only seems to be viewed by poor kids who are all competing with each other through those very realms -- so they are filled with mediocrity, and they have no potential to make any cash, so they are really pointless to me.


I'm still under the theory that good work will sell its self.

Rather than worry about how I'm gonna sell shit, I put my energy into trying to first create something worth selling - then it should just sell it's self. I don't claim to have achieved this yet, but I'm close.

I can say though that when I do create a product worth selling, I probably wouldn't sell it the way all these kids are with the internet shit because then I'm just putting it into a pool of mediocrity.

I would want what I do to stand out and for the extra talent and effort to be known.

Every kid with a PC is putting their shit out on Ipod and file sharing sites and there is just no way to sort through all that crap ...

... plus it makes no money, since the only people who seem to visit or be into those places are people who have no money and are making music, most of the people there are trying to sell shit or just get it heard, not buy it.


What say you, cowgirl?

Post a comment and voice your well considered opinion.

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