Sunday, July 23, 2006

player hate

You don't want to blog, that's too trendy. You're too hip for that. You don't care about net labels, podcasts, or social media. You belong in the future, you don't belong here. And your inappropriateness for this world makes us now begin to honor you and want to subsidize you...PLAYER HATE.

You don't care about marketing or sales, you will produce perfection, and that perfection will sell itself, unaided by any external forces...PLAYER HATE.

You say technology has ruined music, now any kid with a PC and a sampler (etc.), making garbage calling it music (etc.) -- but True Music, the ambient sounds of nature and traffic, the Music of God and Environment, that sounds perfectly fine to me...PLAYER HATE.

You say what you do is a lost art, real music you call it, but the only dying art I know of is sword swallowing, and I'm not sure how one practices that, begin with toothpicks, perhaps?

And music began with crickets and birds, not humans...

therefore: all human sounds, from Beethoven to Beatles and Britney, are manufactured "noise", extraneous and non-satiating, vainglorious exhibitionism of narcissistic defect, springing like flimsy dreams from dubious inner darkness, while nature sounds are the Only Real and True Music in this very noisy galaxy colliding and amoeba splitting cosmos...PLAYER HATE.

You shun mass marketed technology, but have a cell phone (burning a microwavelet hole into your brain), yet you rejoice to proclaim that you do not have, you proudly refuse to have, an interactive free sample site, you offer no free items to hook up customers with a taste, just words floating in the air, grandiosity fueled by sensitivity...

but enlightened Other Thans already know: all man-made music is artificial, pretend, eternally amateur din, just crooning and clamor that is defined and structured according to the composer's libido, tradition or peers, and "musical" theory sympathies...PLAYER HATE.

"Music is rarefied [refined, enriched] air." -- Busoni (Futurist composer)

CompuMusik: "unnatural noise" (6:07)
from -- the void blue human CD--video by Brandy Brev!

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