Monday, July 10, 2006

Odeo Studio podcasting experiment 1

Problems with FileLodge mp3 hosting have made me experiment with Odeo Studio.

On Google Chat tonight, Bennett told me that none of the Camouflage Danse mp3s are working. So I may make all our music, plus my personal CompuMusik compositions, available on a podcast. Odeo also creates mp3s of what you feed into the studio through your microphone.

I am going to provide an Odeo embed player, and two links to the item.

CompuMusik CD promo "i am passing through rubber mirrors"

(1) mp3 version: I Am Passing Through Rubber Mirrors promo 1

(2) Odeo Directory link: I Am Passing Through Rubber Mirrors promo

(3) Odeo player embed version

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Odeo is the creation of Evan Williams, a creator of Blogger software.

Please be so kind as to tell me if these links work for you.

More to come soon.

Here is Christopher Locke, Mr. Cluetrain Manifesto/Gonzo Marketing/Mystic Bourgeoisie's podcast on Odeo Studio (0:21):

powered by ODEO


Canopenner said...

I am too poor to understand the meaning of "pod casting" or any of this other stuff.

I would love to understand but I have too many mouths to feed.

Please tell my corporation that they are cheap bastards.


steven edward streight said...

Money is not necessary to facilitate understanding podcasts.

Ever heard the expression "two peas in a pod"? That's what podcasting is. But don't cast your pods before swine.

Canopenner said...

For some reason I thought ipods were involved...But now that I look it up its just video feeds via rss and atom.

Please still tell my corporation they are cheap bastards.