Wednesday, July 05, 2006

mild blogocombat at Chartreuse: Hate vs. Sex

Gentle/Violent Reader, here's an excerpt from the comment thread at the very interesting Chartreuse blog, under his post entitled "The Race To The Bottom (Or Oprah, Lesbians, Jason Calacanis And The Future of Blogs)":

  1. vaspers the grate, at the gates of timelessness Says:
    Sorry but this time, you’re WRONG about everything, and I’m pleased to point it out.

  2. Blogs are about HATE. It is ANGER, all caps, that fuels the Real Blogosphere 4.0 that me and my cohorts are exstablishing faster and harder every day.

    Tits and ass are boring. Only Junior High chump ass half-gays are into nude photos. A real man goes out and gets a girlfriend or wife. Losers drool over photos and beat off to them in silent sorrow.

  3. vaspers the grate, at the gates of timelessness Says:

    And PayPerPost is shit.

    Paying dumb ass bloggers to Pretend to be enthusiastic users of crap products. Screw PayPerPost and blog whores.

  4. Mr Angry Says:

    I started at the bottom, why aren’t I rich yet? Ever since the Jack Mark/Russell Crowe story broke I’ve been lobying to be Rusty’s next stooge but no contact from his camp yet. He’d be worth way more than pay per post.

  5. chartreuse Says:

    Vaspers, nice to see you back. You were missed.

    Here’s why I’m not wrong about the bottom.

    Most popular searches on the internet: hot chicks and sex
    Most profitable sites on the internet: porn and dating
    Most buzzworthy sites on the internet: MySpace

    Mainstream comes on the net and wallows on the bottom already. Blog owers are just figuring this out.

    Mr. Angry, PayPerPost is just product placement. No one had a problem when pp was all over Sienfeld. Nor when it’s in every movie you see. Why it’s such a problem for blogs shows how out of touch bloggers are with mainstream audiences.

    If you want to catch me in something wrong, try music or my objectification of women. I got this new media stuff down cold :)

  6. Maura Welch Says:

    Chartreuse, when you make your point, it’s poetic and devastatingly clear. I agree with you on not romanticizing the wisdom of crowds and the idea that for media to be successful it has to cater to the masses. This is the second time I’ve put one of your posts in my Boston Globe column on Mondays. Maybe not a lot of people are reading blogs, but I find myself reading you all the time and posting in Business Filter about what you say on your blog. Always something insightful and provocative.

  7. vaspers the grate, at the gates of timelessness Says:

    Cater to the masses? Is that what Jesus, Buddha, Socrates, Plato, St. Augustine, Nietzche, Hegel, Marx, Freud, George Washington, Gandhi, Krishnamurti, Einstein did?

    Isn’t Tiger Woods a better example? He got damn good at something, screw the racists and etc.

    How do you define success? By mass popularity, which is fickle? By money? So Donald Trump is more successful than Tim Berners-Lee?

    Give me a freaking break here.

    You all need more HATE. … for the right things to hate.

    Now go here to see why our music tastes suck:


    Chart, I know you’ll love this Maddox of the Music World.

  8. vaspers the grate, at the gates of timelessness Says:

    Again the link to the Music Hate Machine:

    Music Hate Machine

    I typed in Stereolab, and was I insulted. Wow. That felt GRAAAAATE!

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chartreuse said...

mild blog combat?
i suggest you tell the truth and call it a fullscale war!
i Hate you!


That would make your argument right.