Saturday, July 15, 2006

mental meltdowns in blogocombat

When engaged in blogocombat, one way to ensure a quick win is to install a mental meltdown in your opponent.

You begin blogocombat knowing at least 3 important things about your adversary:

(1) He is against you.

(2) His ruling passion is his great weakness.

(3) Deprived of his ruling passion, he has no fight in him.

With a keen awareness of these key ingredients at your disposal, you can easily, safely, and swiftly induce a satisfactory mental meltdown in any blogocombat enemy.

Mental meltdown occurs when you allow the foe's onrushing energies, in the form of critiques, warnings, and attacks, to hit your most vulnerable spot without opposing them.

By using clever and deft forays into hidden sarcasm, impossible demands, tangled questions, and topic escape clause vectors, you gain decided advantage over strategies that attempt to use the ego and its over-valued objects as a sort of basecamp and supply depot.

Now you may proceed to your indifferent, triumphalist battle play for overt assault and clandestine sabateur operations within the debate.

"Matador Switch Technique"
for Artificially Inducing
Blogocombat Mental Meltdown

One guaranteed trick that quickly produces a nice effect is the Matador Switch technique.
MST involves flapping the red irritation flag in your opponent's face, then, as he rushes at it headlong, with all his prepared statements and infantile emotional intensity, you whip that flag behind your back, a sudden withdrawal of target, and join in the laughter as he goes flying off the edge of the cliffs of your true intentions.

The way to always win is to not care who wins at the end of the argument, but to abruptly withdraw at that point at which you feel you retain the upper hand. You decide when you're done with the topic, not your debate opponent.

So-called "Antagonistic Leverage Superiority", that recently it seems every blogger is honking his little horn about, is something you automatically gain through unemotional blog clobbering and aloof battering at the idea, not the person holding the idea.

You rip the idea out of your opponent's hand, throw it on the ground of being, and stomp on it like you were putting out a floor fire, grind your heel into, kick it and so forth. Furniture polish enters into this, but [text deleted] to explain how.

His selfhood is intimately wrapped up in his opinion. He represents his opinion, as though it were the sum and total of his soul. You merely pit one idea against another idea, with no identification with the idea you send to war in your stead.

By infusing his opinion with his entire personality, the opinion then becomes infinitely vulnerable to externally generated intrusions into the secret source of raw nerves and sensitivity.

You are using the opponent's anger against him, enabling him to look foolish, rash, not sober, infantile, incontinent, irrational, hysterical, and vain.

As the enemy's spear begins to disintegrate, note the facile expressions of nihilism spawned by sudden realization that the world, as he always saw it and experienced it, is gone forever.

Replaced by your opinions.

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