Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel, Dana, web logs, seashells

Source: Pew Research Reports: US Public Support of Israel is Strong online.

I vote for Dana for Rock Star Supernova Idol Poobah Be-a-Star whatever show last night.

Dave Winer complains how the MSM still calls blogs "Web logs". Clueless assholes. See his NewSpaPer article for a laugh. More from Genius Blog Man, Mr. RSS Himself...


When people ask me what RSS is good for, I start with "automated web surfing." It gets you more news for the time you put into using the Internet.

If you don't want more news then RSS is probably not for you. But if there are subjects that you are intensely interested in, and if the people covering the topics also offer the information in RSS, then your computer (or a web site) can make web surfing a richer and perhaps more productive experience.

I could write about this (and have), but it would be widely flamed about, by the same people who control the conversation on Google.

AARP Survey says #1 goal of retirees: move to Florida, play softball, collect shells. Folks, that is a brain dead, self-righteous, Ungreatest generation. They are collecting more than seashells, they're using up a disproportionate amount of Social Security funds. Baby Boomers to Mosaics will have to be poor in old age.

Down with the Old Regime, up with the New We-gime.


carrie said...

have you seen/heard bianca ryan ? if not, search youtube... she's an amazing eleven yr old...

steven edward streight said...

Yes I saw Bianca. She is fantastic. You're too young to remember The Gong Show, but in that program, judges could get up, grab a hammer thing, and hit a gong, to stop the performer, when the act was rotten.

All these shows need gongs.

I don't think I can watch these doggy things much longer. Everyone seems so amateur and untogether.

The Rock Star Supernova is the worst of all. All those bumping and grinding lady singers, with fake rock and roll postures and Elvis/Billy Idol sneers. Puke.

And the judges on Rock Star Supernova are has been heroin junkies who are not exactly liberated from patriarchy.

steven edward streight said...

Lest I be abused as knocking the lady rock singers, let me say that the men are more pathetic than the ladies in Rock Star Supernova.

Those has-been wankers who are the "Rock Stars", how on earth are they gonna want another dude in their band?

I don't see it happening. They will pick a girl as the talent audition winner, let her sing in the band, have their way with her for a while, then fire her.

They say winners are the biggest losers of all, and I partly believe it.

A prize won in a contest is not as auspicious to ones growth as a reward justly earned by paying your dues in the hard path.

No easy quick route to success in anything. No such thing as magic potions, wands, spells, or juju bags, no matter how much salt you throw over your shoulder.

carrie said...

i am NOT too young to remember the gong show. i quite clearly remember watching it when i was like five or six. so ;-P

oh, i guess i could take that as a compliment... that you would be so gracious as to assume i am too young.

i have a chip onn my shoulder about it cuz ppl have always said i look younger than i am and it was embarrassing to me.

maybe i get embarrassed too much.

i don't like the shows that much, but i guess the fun of it is being able to sneer and jeer at how lame it is.

but you said you liked that one lady singer and i watched a youTube of her performance and she was totally grindin' it.

anyway, and then there was always star search and the one show where ppl did disco dancing and got judged.
saturday night fever?

i think there most certainly is such a thing as magic potions. yes indeed.

steven edward streight said...

I only saw Dana one time, her previous performances might have been that pathetic grinding, but I am not aware of her doing that.

I only saw Dana's performance of two days ago, on Rock Star Supernova.

Being judged by washed up, has-been, haughty-naughty heroin addicts, now that's rich.

I(t is fu)n making fun of the bad acts, {but} we must endure so much badness, and I don't know for sure if I want that much mediocrity to pass through my brain cells.

harry potter assassination squad said...

Thee Only Magick eez: hard work and self denial, self-sacrificial altruism in esteeming others more salvageable than oneself.

carrie said...

magic can be as simple as creating a mood in a room, lighting candles, putting on a certain kind of music, having a certain kind of flowers, saying certain words, moving your body in a certain way and imagining with strong intent ... what's so bad about that?