Wednesday, July 19, 2006

humanized CEO video blogging

What are you doing with CEO video blogging? How many experiments, failures and triumphs, have you done? How many times fell flat on your face and looked like an idiot? That's not necessarily a bad thing, you know.

Some CEOs fear flaming, angry consumers or disgruntled ex-employees with hateful comments to post like vandalism all over their CEO blog. That's not such a bad thing, either, flames. How quickly you respond to the rational critics, how you simply delete and ignore the insane trollers.

On your blog, use captchas and comment moderation with delayed posting of comments, to weed out the spambot link list postings. On your vlog and YouTube videos, do the same or similar.

Video Blogging is Closer
To Real Human Presence...

People demand personalized sales and service. They want to contact an actual living human being, not a constellation of computer programs and robot vocoders.

CEOs need to project personality, vibrance, sense of humor, altruism, expertise. You must do the fireside chat venue online.

Eventually blogs will be video conferencing of real time interactions amongst broadband blazers, brazenly blazing new and risky trails through the Absolute Switched-On User Empowerment digital cosmos we now sink or swim in.

I can't think of any better way to get your CEO Personality Which = Your Brand across to the public.

But even more: you become more fully HUMAN in a video.

That's what online presence, corporate web sites, CEO blogs are all about. Not pushing a message, but unveiling a character, a next door neighborly good Joe, a normal with a maverick streak, a rebel with a softer side, whatever fits your product line, blog audience, customer base, and industry standards.

Text? Just words that sit there, superior to blankness only.

Photos? Static but can at least make you visually real, rather than just a string of mental sentences.

Audio? Podcasting is projecting still more humanization. With text, photo, and now voice, you are becoming more like an actual present person. Your audience suddenly plunges into the much deeper connection with you, your company, your products and the sales thereof.

Video? Now we are rapidly entering the realm containing the path to compu-telepathy, mind to mind communications, mediated by software and electricity and steel or glass fiber. You are visually animated now, more than a talking head hopefully, however you work that one out.

Video blogging has a big impact on public perception and self discovery. You are bound to be more strident, or conversely, more relaxed, than you typically are in your timid little textual bloggy thingamajig.

Video blogging is risky. If you look like an idiot, at least you're not a voice mail options list or a pre-recorded, overly-scripted talking head on a newscast. You'll probably need a script, a set of scribbled notes, or a firm and fixed idea of what topic you want to ad lib about.

Improvisation, if you can pull it off, is the name of the game. Vlogs are blogs on cappacino-fueled lithium rockets. You can video log in a sleepy state one time, then a pumped up on fire condition the next time. Swing with variety. Keep them wondering what you'll do next.

Interview handsome, pretty, or smart individuals on relevant topics. Seeing two people interact is more interesting than...why state the obvious?

Enough! You go do a video blog post now, using whatever webcam and image processing junk you got, or go buy some. Get with it, because it is better to let people see and hear you, than to just let them read your typed words on cold white expanses.

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Hi Steven,

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