Tuesday, July 18, 2006

how to get a job interview + music promo film

Vaspers the Grate
Impromptu Training Film #001
(satirical infotainment)
"how to get a job interview" (5:39)

I have decided to mark my videos, divide them into three major CEO service camps:

(1) Satirical Infotainment: wherein I either try to tickle your funny bone for sheer fun and relief from stress factors on the job...or I get you laughing so I can insert subtle radical suggestions into your corporate culture by tele-osmosis.

(2) Serious Web Analysis: user observation tests, usability/credibility factors, web-savvy text, design, and functionality enhancements, and how to instructions for CEO blogging.

(3) Avant Noise Music Promotions (for Camouflage Danse and CompUMusik): music to relax or get angry by, as relief from mediocrity and lack of imagination on the job. These are the hardest videos to make. I have to crack open my video processing software and [sighs] gain instant proficiency in this [yet another] marketable skill.

All the stuff we do on our blogs? Do you realize they are financially lucrative, sellable skills in a job interview? Job interviews are always more fun than the job itself, if you know how to play them.

Vaspers the Grate is known for being harsh to that which he loves most: literature, music, bloggers, churchianity, metaphysical circuse, political philosophy, and corporations.

In his attacks he brings a long train of future benefits for any organization willing to endure the pain of self-discovery. One of these tagalongs is business humor.

Relax. Enjoy. Feel the competitive war wounds and battle stress melt away in chuckles and smirks.


Vaspers the Grate aka Xomp U-Musik Maestro
"CompuMusik CD promo #001" (4:22)
[feat. "Return of the Lost Astronaut" - CompuMusik "Galaxies..." CD]


Loren Feldman said...

I love the job interview vid. Awesome.

Harvey Dog said...

I absolutely love it!

Ever see Captain Beefheart's "Lick My Decals Off Baby" promos? That came to mind watching your video. YouTube should have it.

timjoe said...

bawww haw haw haw!...that was hilarious!

ME Strauss said...

ME Strauss comments via VPN email:


Thanks Steven, for the day I'm having these are exactly what I need.