Saturday, July 01, 2006

how a corporate CEO video should sound

Watch this brief 1938 Media promo update YouTube video of June 5, 2006. I love it when Loren Feldman says:

"I might seem a little goofy, but I really know what I'm doing....Again, I'm goofy a lot, but I'm also serious....Right now we're focusing on video marketing for our clients. Words and clever writing can only get you so far. It's a video world now. And that's what we're concentrating on, and we're good at it."

This is how a corporate video should sound.

Candid. Open. Relaxed. Opinionated. Non-hostile. Intimate. Sincere. Humorous. Thoughtful. Honest. Fair. Happy. Firm. Positive. Dedicated. Ironic. Hip. Smart. Cool. Friendly.

Promotional sans cold aloof impenetrability, sales without all that insane, exaggerated, over-stated zeal, or "hype".

Loren is chatting mildly and engagingly. It really is like he has pulled up a chair next to your computer at home, and is calmly but firmly explaining what he's been up to lately, pass the cheese dip please.

This is how a CEO should look and talk on video.

I'd also add the visual elements of corporate logo signage.

Plus then and some of your products, Mr./Ms. CEO. Loren could visually display client logos or have a monitor running sample clips of video work his 1938 Media firm has produced, or photos of when Loren was a child, stuff like that would add more of a personal touch.

But I'm just rambling incoherently. I shut up now.

You listen to Loren and get a feel for bleeding edge corporate video style: understated, relaxed, intelligent, hip, suave, debonair.

1938 Media Update - June 5, 2006 (2:55)


Loren feldman said...

For once I'm speechless. Thank you for the wonderful words.

steven edward streight said...

You are very welcome. I was quite impressed with your presentation style. Sincerity and integrity seem to come through.

The way you say, "TV blows, it won't be like TV" is funny.

steven edward streight said...

P.S. I just forced my dear wife to come upstairs to my blazing inferno of an attic office (I hate air conditioning).

I made her watch this video and the one "State of the Sphere" where you mention Steven Streight's Vaspers the Grate blog.

She liked your style and manner of speaking.

I think you have what it takes to make it big. Just remember I was one of your early supporters. When you write your memoirs.

You too, London Apartments band.