Wednesday, July 26, 2006

From Me-O-Sphere to We-O-Sphere

What can I call a media revolution that implies self-manufactured and auto-distributed content?

As a blog author or reader, you are deeply involved in this social media frenzy that everybody's gone stark raving crazy about.

Old Economy is still hype, push, prod, irritate, Digital Rights Management rootkits, command & control, patriarchal, sexist, racist, and did I mention -- dead?

New Share Economy is everything free all the time, mostly. Free versions are fundamentally all you really need for basics, while paid versions are for the more expert users who need advanced tools.

Re-blogging and Reciprocal Commenting are examples of how we are advising each other, entertaining each other, and supporting each other's work...without any need for broadcast media, sales staff, editors, publishers, promoters, or censors.

You write a funny post on Blog Addicts or a hateful post on Blog Porn STD Carriers. I laugh. I quote it and link to it in my blog. We are enjoying and re-circulating each other's content. With no intermediaries, no ad agencies, no PR machines, no anchors, maybe even no advertising or commercials.

We are creating our own music, movies, radio stations (podcast channels), books (text blogs), and other online content.

We love (some of) what we're making, and (some of) what others make.

No advertising agency is telling us what we need and want. We know exactly what we want, and we're creating it ourselves, or know an online friend or fellow content producer-consumer who is.

Division between "consumer" and "producer"? Gone. Forever.

As my former band mate proclaims:

it's the End of Stardom.

Even if all we do is contribute comments to our favorite blogs, we are creating content. Remember: "comments" are actually free, voluntary CONTENT. Comments enrich a blog. Never post a comment just because you merely agree with, or wish to flatter, the blogger. Post some valuable contribution, your own insight, a specific praise to encourage, or whatever you can add to the conversation.

Even lurkers, those who haunt a blog and never post any comments, lurkers are also helping by increasing the traffic count, displayed on site meters, to the blog.

The Me-O-Sphere, which, when the narcissistic element is mixed with interaction between content creator-consumers, turns into the We-O-Sphere.

Me-O-Sphere: using blog text, audio, video, podcast, mp3, posts for Exhibitionism: narcissism, egotism. Approval addicts and self-obsessives.

We-O-Sphere: using blogs, chat, VoIP, email, etc. to interact, collaborate, and co-produce or share content, with others.

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