Thursday, July 27, 2006

deconstructing a non-human blog

I am a human blogger. This is the entrance to my office-studio, where Vaspers the Grate occurs daily. I also operate a video and computer music production facility in this location.

I don't know any blog consultant who covers the bizarre topics you get here at Vaspers the Grate.

You may not agree with every sentence I type, and you better not, because that would mean you're a Copy Cat, but I'll bet you learn a few things here and there, in my semi-metaphysical sermons.

Behold: a typical Pseudo Blog, a Vampire Blog, a Search Engine Generated Blogoid Object.

3d game arcade

This non-human blog lives by feeding off other sites.

It has no independent existence without them, no content I mean. Keep pace with me, for we're going to launch out into the depths of Pseudo Bloggery. A realm that most blog consultants and web analysts shun in fear and confusion, I suppose.

I found this Pseudo Blog by doing a Technorati search on my listed blog, this one, Vaspers the Grate. See that text link in my sidebar, that says "Technorati. Other blogs that link here"? Click that.

You'll see nice human people-bloggers like Doc Searls, Carrie Snell, Chartreuse, Dustbury, Peoria Pundit, Lipsticking, Harvey Dog, 1938 Media, and Paul Woodhouse linking to me.

Then ... you'll see the terrible Blogoid Objects -- blogs with cold, lifeless names, like 3d game arcade, online real estate loans, discount computer software, dish tv network -- whatever.

I visited, armed with firewalls and AV and a secure browser, the site or page, called Skype upgrade not mentioned on website by 3d game arcade.

Notice this "Skype upgrade not mentioned on website" is the title of a Vaspers post. (And the issue with Skype is still unresolved.) An entire page, what even looks like a blog main index page, has been created from my original headline.

My post is credited in this manner:

"Original post: Skype upgrade not mentioned on website by at Google Blog Search: computer game download"

Thus, this post, and the entire non-human blogoid object is generated by a search engine query, a collection of search terms.

Similar Vampire Content Suckers can be created with RSS feeds, and feed scraper technology will enable the creating of feed URLs, at sites without feed syndication, from the HTML data contained in the site. So all sites are vulnerable to being plundered.

I moved my cursor up to the web address bar at the top of my browser chrome. I clicked in the bar three times to position the cursor at the end of the URL, then backspaced out the numbers to arrive at "/net". Clicked Go. Went to the site's main page.

3d game arcade is a Non-human Pseudo Blog, because it simply aggregates content according to such search terms (in bold type in the blog) as: "computer", "computer game", "downloads", "games".

3d game arcade is a Vampire Blog, because it has no blog author content, even the sidebar seems is artificially contrived, a robotic list of previous automated posts.

This blogoid object may have been created by a human maybe, but it functions entirely without human intervention. Comments are not enabled. All you get are headlines of other bloggers' posts, with a little text.

3d game arcade is a Blogoid Object, because it is not a true blog, with opinions and links inserted personally by a real human author--and comments from readers appended to posts. This is merely "blogoid", meaning: imitating certain aspects of a true blog.

Vaspers the Grate brings you all the latest in technology.


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