Tuesday, July 11, 2006

CompuMusik presents Hair From Hell

CompuMusik: "Hair From Hell" (3:47)

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Vaspers the Grate relates the nightmarish story of the lady whose bad hair days were lethal to others. Featuring the sounds of CompuMusik “Robot Zombie Mindscan” from the CD “Galaxies Who Shaped Our Knowledge”. July 2006.

mp3 version: CompuMusik "Hair From Hell"

Odeo Directory link: CompuMusik "Hair From Hell"

[illustration at top "Little Wraith" from Monstercake]


Canopenner said...

I dont mean to ruin the ending for anyone but...

That part totally made me jump out of my chair!


steven edward streight said...

Okay. That's what I hoped would happen, plus soiling oneself, but one out of two ain't so bad, are it?

I wanted to "take over" the blog-os-fear, but my tits weren't fancy enough. So now I plan to make a feeble and futile attempt to "take over" (or hide under) the podosphere.

carrie said...

everything you just(here in the comments) said is classic

carrie said...

that was thoroughly entertaining and interesting, that podcast was....

steven edward streight said...

Carrie: your flattery payment check is in the mail.

carrie said...

it's like talking to plants(flattering you) it seems to benefit them. they seem happier and healthier.

steven edward streight said...

I was once a vegetable, due to an epidural steroid injection in lower spine, that slipped, hit sciatic nerve, and induced a near fatal OD on Vicodin ES and a year's worth of panic attacks.

Then I was on Buspar, Paxil, Xanax, Lithium, total of 13 pills...and soon I could not think two thoughts in a row, and had agoraphobia.

Then I read the whole Bible again, ditched all the drugs, used Buddhist breathing techniques, and etc. and my mind very gradually healed.

But even aside from all that stuff (about 8 years ago or more), I was never any good at talking one on one.

I was always good at public speaking and okay at writing, but could never tell a story to a person or small group at a party or whatever.

So, I take my strongest weakness, jumble it up with my weakest strong point, and voila:

Purple Podcast Plasma Spooks was born.

A mercurial division of the New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network.

Only flames and flattery make me happy, but the flattery has to be deadpan, tongue in cheek, or absurdist to be truly effective in making me smile and grow.

I am your Frankenspine monster.

You are the Official Vaspers Usability Tester.