Saturday, July 29, 2006

CEOs & video blogging + link tip

Vaspers the Grate
(clear-voiced recording: for normal people)
"CEOs and video blogging" (9:17)

Vaspers the Grate
(space shuttle voice de-phasing: esoteric whisper transmission)
"why CEOs should video blog" (4:24)

VASPERS Embedded Link Tip:

WRONG: "The dedicated blog is here."

RIGHT: "Check out the blog about blog ethics."

RIGHT: "Blog Core Values is a deeper analytical treatment of blog ethics and best practices."


Now you try it.

"This topic is covered in blogs like this and that."

No, no, no. Wrong!

RIGHT: "This topic is covered by Scoble and CK, two marketing and technology bloggers of some renown."


Because "here" and "this" contain no information.

Hurried readers of your blog will not quickly glean that those links have any relevance or value, as they skim your site, foraging for interesting or important data.



carrie said...

you're right... that's true that people would be less likely to be interested in a link that just says "here" but... i always mouseover those just to see what the address is

steven edward streight said...

Especially we must consider how very very few web surfers read any online content slowly, word for word, with no skipping around or fuzzing out.

So we cannot expect links like "here" to be very helpful. People are usually in a hurry.

It's not "short attention spans". That's a myth.

It's just being rushed all the time, and multi-tasking as they read blogs.

People have whatever attention span they deem fit to the object. These so-called ADHD cases are mostly lies, to get social security disability payments, and I can prove it time after time.

Put an ADHD boy of 12 in front of a naughty movie, a violent video game, or a new Harry Potty movie, and watch how intense his concentration is.