Thursday, July 20, 2006

CEO Video Blogging Basics

CEO Video Blogging Basics

(1) Be yourself, and other original personas, as fits the occasion.

i.e., be funny one time, dead serious another time, happy one day, grim the next, as reality piles its training and challenges on your plate.

(2) Become the Primary Brand Representative of your organization.

e.g., the world traveler with authentic recipes from actual restaurants you really ate in.

e.g., the globally recognized expert on the steel or publishing or garment industry.

e.g., the man with more marketing sense than the top ten business writers combined.

e.g., the lady who ascended to power in a male patriarchal pig sty and granted the men amnesty or reprieve.

i.e., whatever your expertise or product line is.

You be the voice, from the horse's mouth, the buck stops here, the official and benign megaphone to the online world, via your CEO blog, how you appear, how you speak and shrug your shoulders, what you wear, what you fidget with, what your backdrop is, how the lighting makes you look powerful (necessary in some cases) or ethereal (recommended).

(3) Experiment, call nothing a "failure", keep at it, adjust your spectacles, comb that unruly hair, vary your position, play with vocal intonation, move away from or toward the camera, treat the camera as the audience, treat your body as the ghost of your thought.

(4) Be friendly, unassuming, self-effacing, sincere, real, confessional (in small doses for specific goals, not just gushing and blubbering in digital exhibitionism).

(5) Identify yourself verbally and with signage or Hello My Name Is...badges (ala Scott Ginsberg, the Name Tag Guy discovered a while back by Seth Godin and many others).

(6) Vary your attire, depending on the message and purpose of a video post.

(7) Keep posting text, art, photo, music mp3, and audio posts, for those who don't have high speed internet access.

(8) If you can pull off some humor now and then, that will go a long way to making people pay attention to your core message. Watch how people roar with laughter at avant garde, bizarrely funny commercials and movies. Laughing people are happy people and happy people spend more money than suicidal people.

That's all for now. A few hundred more, or less, coming soon.

(Photo directly above is a close-up of my cheek. I'm trying to get closer to my audience.)

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CyberGal said...

Vespie: I figure since, 90% of the time, I have no idea what you're talking aboutt - you must be f"ing brilliant!

Show a close-up of your cheek, to get closer to your audience?

I'd use my butt...

Song: "Moon Over Miami".