Thursday, July 20, 2006

CEO clicks

Vaspers the Grate
"CEO clicks" (4:37)
How to use a CEO blog for fast results and maximum impact, or, honestly, just a laid back, unfocused introduction to lazy CEO blogging short-cuts, or something in that general area of science.


Omni said...


You've got alot of time on your hands, huh? ;-)

steven edward streight said...

No I am completely out of time, short, depleted.

I just create in a frenzy of gushing content geysers, super abundance, overflowing the Nile and the Rhine, stretching out toward an eternal internal infinity.

Musicians should have new albums every week at least.

I am experimenting as quickly as possible with vlogging, and I'm being transparent about it.


carrie said...

vaspers, you're a cool dude. your mind runs circles around the strands of strings theorizing themselves into oblivion....