Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Camouflage Danse WFMU part 1

Happy 5th of July, the day we Ethical Anarchists celebrate our Declaration of Independence from the Powers That Pretend To Be and their callous, insane Myth of Political Government.

To make the momentous occasion festive, here's some more music by me and Bennett Theissen's band that flamed through the East Village, NYC 1980-89.

2 more FREE mp3s
by Camouflage Danse

Live at WFMU: Part One


The beginning of our 2 hour concert on WFMU, Upsalla College, East Orange, NJ. Intro, Apples, The Wet Look, etc., as always, 100% spontaneous. We were guests on The Immigrant Show. "Apples" is probably my favorite song that we ever did. I'm on high pitch screech guitar.

We Wait


Pretty strange, that "yelping" sound, I think it's a distorted loop of Bennett saying "Bucky Fuller" or something. Not sure what we were "waiting" for, probably the courier service to deliver our [unliquorly socially scorned substances list deleted]. One of our more atmospheric pieces.

For more info and free mp3s: see my original post about my old band Camouflage Danse.

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