Friday, July 14, 2006

business prophet in Babylon

(1) Observe with pure, uncontaminated vision.

(2) Mentally note all deviations, dysfunctions, and violations.

(3) Vocally analyze and rehearse your diagnosis in front of an interactive audience.

(4) Indirectly remark obliquely on the real problems, then suggest curveballs that will both solve the problems and disrupt "business as usual" routines and attitudes.

(5) Psychosomatically imply that the intrinsic root of the problem is always and already: the leadership.

(6) Psychotherapeutically administer elixirs and tonics that can squeeze the rotteness out of the core.

(7) Surreptitiously examine the client's industry's errors and successful alienation of customers.

(8) Serendiptitiously participate in the appropriate denunciation ritual or, in the best patients, the revelry of successful salvage operation pagaentry.

(9) Constantly acquire new patients, to replace the suit and tie corpses languishing astray from the path, to perform ethics surgery or financial rescue upon.

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