Thursday, July 13, 2006

blogocombat music by Air Inspector

Aaron Spectre aka Air Inspector aka Drumcorps provides, for my personality, the ideal blogocombat background music. He is a ragga jungle wreckstep dub mash mix master. There is none higher than this amazing guy, he literally RULES the ragga junglist scene.

Excerpt #1 (4:39) from newly released "live @ Beat Research - Boston"

[Music player embed voluntarily withdrawn pending legal approval.]

What's it sound like? A masterful blend of social consciousness, spiritualized anarchy, split-single reggae, hardcore punk, Old Testament warnings against the money-worshiping mammonists, and electronica.

Excerpt #2 from Air Inspector live @ Beat Research - Boston [May 22, 2006] (3:58)

[Music player embed voluntarily withdrawn pending legal approval.]

Here are some FREE mp3s of the astonishing Air Inspector. (Windows users: left click to listen, right click to save mp3 on hard drive). Download right now:

(1) "Life We Promote" (1:08:20) Start here, I suggest. Classic ragga jungle! My first A.S. download and still my favorite: this contains his best work, has lilting happy melodic material -- that abruptly shifts into killer hardcore explosions. If you dig this, then go ahead and download everything else.

(2) "Drumcorps live @ London Resonance" (43:00) NEW! I dl'd it today, have not heard it all yet. The beginning of it sounds rather industrial.

(3) "Air Inspector live @ Beat Research - Boston" (57:33) NEW! May 22, 2006 At 5 minutes into this set, reggae girls begin to trash talk the mammonist exploiters: rasta rant about torture, murder, oppression, and the Almighty Father. Get ready to be rebuked, fat cats.

(4) "Sleepy" (3:34) Uncharacteristically gentle, soothing, ethereal, soft dubstep oatmeal. Cool breezey nap music. A. S. contribution to an Ad Noiseam net label compilation. (link coming: I made a typo)

More free and priced sonic material is available at the Aaron Spectre web site. I like the poetic evocation of such titles as "No Solace in Sleep", "Bleeding Light", "Bliss Out v.18", and "Pure Tone Audiometry."

Judgment is on its way. Look everyone: it's the Doom of Domination Systems. End of Exploitation and Stardom. Death (or Convenient Disappearance?) of Corrupt CEOs.

Enter the Sabred Warrior: Sarbanes-Oxley.

BEhold ISreal. "Creation burn out the Eagle, the Dragon, and the Bear," th' pr'ph'ts s'y.

Air Inspector: musical soundtrack for the fiery future.

Apocalypse Incineration Now!

AND ... HOW ... SHALL ... THE ... BLOGOSfear ... handle this?

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