Monday, July 03, 2006

bizarre police & military action a few blocks away

EDIT UPDATE: The next morning, the news report on local TV was: when the police entered the house, the single guy with a gun was passed out drunk. Asleep. What a dangerous thing to do, call in SWAT teams for this.

Just a few blocks away from where my wife and I live, there is a mysterious event happening, and I just posted a comment about it on Peoria Pundit. The local TV news stations are being their typical MSM dorky selves. They reported it, gave us an update near the end of the news program, then back to broadcasting as usual. Schmucks.

National Guard soldiers in camouflage battle gear, SWAT teams, cops, a 5 block wide section of the city barricaded, traffic halted and detoured.

What the...?!?!

The ridiculous spin that the mainstream media is trying to shove down our throats: a domestic dispute. Between a man and a woman. The woman is safely out of the house. The man refuses to communicate with police and is heavily armed.

"Traffic is being detoured around a 5 block wide sector, to avoid bloodshed, to protect motorists from bullets."

What...? Why such a wide sector? I speculate: others bad guys are involved and have escaped from the house, and are in that area somewhere. I think I'll walk up there and check it out.


Loren Feldman said...

Congrats on making BusinessWeek. I always was good at picking talent. I knew you were some kind of genuis. At what I'm not sure. Congrats.

steven edward streight said...

Loren: thanks, and I'm good at picking talent too, and you are talented, an ideal video blogger, keep up the great work.

Now, here's what Anonymous Cop posted at Peoria Pundit about the bizarre police and military action at McClure and University last night:


You go up against a man with a gun.

Then you ask for the help you think you’ll need so you don't get shot and killed. Then you can go home to your family and Monday Morning quarterback the whole deal.

If everyonje walked away alive…isn’t that enough?

Police block off areas so people who are less than intelligent don't wander into areas that are dangerous and they dont get shot.

Peoria has more in common with Bagdad than your city council tells you. Why are all the Cops and Firefighters moving out of the city then? Simple reason. City Council and PHA have destroyed the working class neighborhoods on the guise of “equality” i.e.

I work for my house, but those who party, do drugs, and have 9 kids deserve a 100k house next to yours that you worked for. They didn't. The farther I move from PHA. The less crime there is.

# steven e. streight aka vaspers the grate Says:

July 4th, 2006 at 9:25 am

Oh. Okay.

But were the Nasty Girls (National Guard weekend warriors) really needed?

Probably just training for a real terrorist attack.

One dude with a gun…next time call me. I’ll get him on my own. Save the taxpayers some money, you know?