Saturday, July 29, 2006

bad reaction to my YouTube videos

bennett theissen to vaspers the grate:

Oh vaspers...

Just looked on youtube and saw all these things that you have uploaded there.

Makes me go Hmmmm. A bit much, my friend. I really don't see the point.

One or two I guess can be funny, but I have to fall back on the ego thing -- otherwise why would you be doing all this?

[snip--text deleted]

vaspers the grate to bennett theissen:

I am experimenting with video so as to be able to have expertise to share with CEOs who have the guts to present themselves more fully and more humanly to their stakeholders and customers.

Some of my videos are purely satire or absurdist comedy specials.

Ego? Are you mentally crazy????

Video blogging does not boost anyone's ego, it merely makes more of you more vulnerable to more critiques.

Most [bad] CEOs fear blogs and video. That's funny. They don't fear public ridicule when they raid pension funds or downsize so they can buy a new Lexus three times a year or whatever they do with their plunder.

Pioneers make mistakes. Imitators copy only the successes, skipping depriving themselves of the real learning process.

Hope this clears up your confusion.



carrie said...

i totally agree that video makes you more vulnerable to more negative critiques.

Anonymous said...

When you quoted me you left out the rest of my statement: "Plus how can you pretend to tell people how to make money on blogs when YOU don't? (Yes, I think I get the joke.)" Why leave this out? Too true for your blogsite?

I also added, "I hope you're having fun, anyway. "

Now how quickly will you come up with some smartass response to this? Or delete this because it's too true? I know you'll ignore it, because you're mentally ill, just like the rest of your family. Oops! Another inconvenient fact you'll have to delete. Can't show this to your imaginary friends, the CEOs of billion dollar corporations!

steven edward streight said...

Anonymous aka Chillroom:

Your attacks upon me in various public internet forums only makes you look pathetic.

At least when you make your wild guesses as to my private affairs, the monetization of my blog empire, the stipends and royalties, the bribes and gifts I receive or don't receive...

at least you're giving someone else a break.

Your accusations, guesses, surmisings, assertions, proclamations, declarations, and ranting and ravings merely amuse me.


harry potter assassination squad said...

I tell people how to eat plogcorn.

Big bob benzo said...

flamers and playa hatas are just angry that they have failed and your gettin al the attention

rialto said...

where is chillroom's YouTube videos? dont see any up there anywehre. guess he's not so smart after all...

steven edward streight said...

Thanks everyone, for your hilarious pretend attacks and gentle witty barbs.

It cheers me up considerably to see friends pretend to despise my art and clientele. It's like paying guys to throw things at you when you're in a punk band.

Except in this case, it's all free!

We can all use encouragement. It makes this world a nicer place.

canopenner said...

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Canopenner said...

When I had an aim/aol bot I would run into these types of personalities almost constantly, however usually they are not very smart and I/you can outflame them in our sleep. Making them look like the morinic fools they truely are, this will usually make them go away.

If that doesnt work then first ban them, then when they come in over a proxy server contact the ISP they originally were posting from and have that ISP contact their mummies, because these people are usually 15-21 year old males living at home and using their parents internet connections.


I cant really imagine anyone wanting to start fight with you tho vas, Your pretty easy going I think. Or so it seems to me.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 7:28:04 PM