Saturday, July 29, 2006

artificial intelligence chatbots for site orientation: intro

Today I'm investigating Artificial Intelligence applications for a client.

We're interested in having a chatbot, aka "virtual assistant", welcome people to their site, explain the basic info architecture (a talking site map), and act as a search agent.

Users could type questions or keywords into a text entry box, and the animated representative would tell them the info or take them to the desired page, saying "Here you are. If this is not exactly what you wanted, try typing in more keywords, and search again. Thanks." or similar. I have contacted a world expert in such AI topics, and expect to hear from him soon.

[snip--text deleted]

Some chatbot applications are stupid and worthless. Others hold much promise. I think. Maybe all chatbot/virtual assistant applications are stupid. I'm still pondering.

For a taste of chatbot community, check out Personality Forge and for more corporate applications, Daden Chatbots, by David Burden.

We must humanize and customize our online presence. Video posts, podcasts, and chatbots are 3 possible solutions. More later. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion.


CK said...

I shall stay tuned. A chatbot for an orientation is a nifty idea--but they do need to get a lot smarter. Take the automated IVR bots for telecoms...they're still more often MISS than HIT.

But where there's miss lies a huge opp. Actually, I think you may have just given me an idea. Stay tuned.

steven edward streight said...

We must investigate the things CEOs are scared of.

Bad CEOs fear blogs and vlogs, for they fear exposure to ridicule and truth.

Good CEOs fear blogs and vlogs, because they are shy, not charismatic, boring, uncouched, or confused.

We can continue to frighten the Bad CEOs and support and educate the Good CEOs.

Site orientation is one of the weakest aspects of most web sites.

steven edward streight said...

Uncoached, I meant to say. I got The Red Couch and Coach mixed uppity.