Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Age Reversal Ray

Age Reversal Ray (5:30)
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Canopenner said...

Well, At first I thought that I liked the one from yesterday better.

But once again GREAT ENDING! Your so cute Vaspers. And I dont mean that in a prison movie sorta way.

steven edward streight said...

My friend Bennett used to collect UFO books.

He told me about, I believe it was the 70's "psychic" fraud Uri Geller, or someone associated with him, who wrote a book about UFOs and the aliens in them.

The first half of the book is written in a rational, methodical, almost scientific style, a typical UFO book.

Then suddenly, in the middle of the book, as the author describes the aliens, the writing is totally schizo. Each sentence is contradicted by the following sentence.

Like: "The aliens are vastly smarter than us in all realms of knowledge and experience. They do the dumbest things imaginable all the time."

Or: "The aliens are supremely tranquil and unified in thought. They argue with each other constantly."

And: "The aliens are gentle and show great compassion toward all living things. They are here because they are hungry for human flesh."

Stuff like that. For the entire second half of the book.

I'll have to ask Bennett what book that was. As a purely literary technique, it's fantastic.

So that's been a partial influence in my use of sudden twists in tone or voice at the end of a story. There are many ways to implement it, and I could pattern many stories in this direction.

This literary technique is totally lame and you'd have to be an idiot to abandon a logical progression in narrative, since no one like surprises.


I'm too sexy for prison.

steven edward streight said...

My technique in sci fi micro stories writing is to think of the most absurd concept imaginable, like headless soldiers (coming to this site soon), hair that cannot be cut and goes around killing people, defending a book by Proust while a burglar has strapped you to a chair and is robbing you blind (he throws the book on the floor and I scream, "be careful with that Proust novel, you freaking idiot" then describe Proust's writing style), high speed age reversal as a nightmarish Nicole Kidmanish event, a mushroom that bleeds, etc.

Or start with the craziest title you can think of "Why Air is Unnecessary", then force yourself to think of some possible way to write something to fit it.

A free tip from a UFO eater.

carrie said...

what heppened to hello everyone???? hello!

carrie said...

Aaaargh!!!!! i can't take it anymore.

i feel like you have gone missing.

i hope your life is going okay.