Sunday, July 02, 2006

9 reasons to skip blogging

Carrie Snell aka Sea Snail, has issued forth her meta-blog list of "12 reasons to skip blogging".

I can see John C. Dvorak, Paul Woodhouse, Evan Williams, Jason Calacanis, Doc Searls, David Weinberger, and Chris Locke laughing at this post of Carrie's. It's funny, for sure.

Let's put on our thinking caps and examine her first 9 reasons, which are more universal than the last 3 reasons. To enliven the debate, I'll attach my running commentary in [red bracketed type].


1. blogging is for lame-o's who have no life, but like to pretend that they have a life.

[VASPERS: I have a life. Just because 80% of it is in the blogosphere, is no reason to call it lame. I hope.]

2. blogging is like a never-ending pursuit that gets you nowhere... often nobody reads your glorious posts of wisdom and they are just left there to float like a corpse in the ether.

[VASPERS: This is as it should be. The main benefit of blogging is how it impacts the blogger herself. She is transformed by her own blog. A blogger benefits by improving her thinking, debating, analysis, writing, editing, HTML, CSS, RSS, and web design skills.]

3. essentially blogging is the new version of talking to oneself.

[VASPERS: Very astute. Yes, in most cases, blogging is a narcissistic neurotic reflex, self-talk, auto-chatter, idio-prolixity, overly verbose nomenclature offspewing. Awful offal.

But...every boring voice that rises up against the MSM/Govt./Religious Information Hegemony is welcome! Speak up, speak out, speak loud!]

4. nobody is as obsessed with your life as you are, so get over it already!

[VASPERS: Are ppl obsessed with their lives, or are they obsessed with exhibitionism? Obsessed with reader reactions? Obsessed with Chatty Cathyism?

Online friendships are very dubious, to say the least, with all the predators and psychos out there. But Carrie and I have become rather good friends. I even postal mail things to many of my blogo-comrades, and they mail things to me.]

5. nobody from the 'real world' understands blogging, and don't bother trying to explain it to them, because they won't get it, and they will just think you are strange and have no life.

[VASPERS: Normals, non-bloggers from the real world...hell, they don't understand anything anyway. They "have a life" of greedy materialism, negligent parenting, and stupid ass voting for their new oppressors.]

6. there are eight hundred million other things you really should be doing instead! come on!

[VASPERS: And there are over 50 million blogs, if you count Non-English language blogs. I escape the confines of imprisoned blogging, by working in our gardens.]

7. nobody cares!

[VASPERS: Correct. Just a handful of true friends will care...and even they can't make it to every single post we fart out.]

8. you'll eventually run out of blogworthy material and start making shit up like i am right now.

[VASPERS: Right and wrong. Right: we run out of things to say, so we need to read books and other blogs to get ideas. Wrong: when we are most depleted and exhausted or frustrated--often, that's when our best work comes out.]

9. it's a waste of time.

[VASPERS: Right. Blogging (writing posts, posting comments at other blogs, reading other blogs, etc.) is a huge time drain sink.

Blogs swallow enormous chunks of time. That, plus Authenticity, Passion, and Integrity, is why CEOs run away from the blogosphere like frightened little girls. ]


Now, can you think of any further reasons why Blogging is Futile and Silly? While corporations and individuals can use blogs for good purposes, many use them for vanity, exhibitionism, narcissistic spiels.

Post a comment and let's hear YOUR opinion. Thanks.


MARYBETH said...

Hi Steven,
ahhhh. you left out #10 a line of B I N G O !-- which cracked me up and lended insight into Carries ability to interrupt negative thinking with silliness =)

Canopenner said...

Blogging about other blogger blog posts about reasons not to blog.

I just wanted to see how many times I could squeeze blog in a sentence.

I am usually an angry blogger and I blog because its a lot less dmging to my hand than punching people or things.

Therefore I can never stop.

Speaking of being angry, you should remove that anti robot thingy because those bug me. :^)

steven edward streight said...

MB: I like how you said, "Carrie's ability to interrupt negative thinking with silliness". She is very talented at that.

Her sparse but terse writing is good.

Canopener: you are about to open a can of worms here, you know. you dislike my "New Age Dystopia: not against flesh and blood, but robots" essay?

Machines are killing us, computers are ruling us, servomechanisms are devouring us, and soon we will be replaced.

Eventually, machines will devour the entire universe, converting all resources into their machinery vision of reality. In maybe 50 million years, there will be no universe, just a machine network.

Then "nature" will be "artificial" or "unofficial" or whatever.

And you ask me to NOT warn inhumanity about it? Why?

ME Strauss said...

Hey Steven,
If the universe becomes a great machine network, then maybe one latent brain cell will start working again and somewhere humanity will come back. I'd like to see some. :)

steven edward streight said...

Like germs we send out into space, since no space vehicles or stations can be 100% disinfected, and many microbes can survive astonishing extremes of heat, cold, radiation, anaerobics, etc.

Kathryn said...

eeeek!! everyone is scaring me.
well, maybe not Marybeth.
but everyone else is making me think scary thoughts!

steven edward streight said...

Kathryn: just because in 50 million years the universe will be consumed and replaced by machines?

Just because the germs on the space vehicles and probes and satellites will thrive, mutate, evolve, take over the space craft, and return to us, to punish us for setting them adrift in space?

I don't see what's so spooky about this. I plan to make money off it.


steven edward streight said...

Canopener is a bot resembler.

carrie said...

i actually thought of another reason later.... it was "blogging will most likely cause some sort of arguing or fighting in your home-life"

yep. like ppl getting jealous of your blog and the time you spend on it.

thanks for doing this post. it took me a while to realize!!!! i thought you would like it, though.

steven edward streight said...

Carrie: it's posts like this that can generate a lot of hits and new readership.

Posts on blog addiction, blog psychosis, blogocombat, blog culture, pseudo blogs, and How To are very popular.