Thursday, July 13, 2006

9 effective styles of blog post writing

(1) professional (sharing expertise, analysis or insight)

(2) instructional (explaining how to do something)

(3) technical (discussing and debating technology)

(4) confessional (revealing personal aspects of your life)

(5) satirical (making fun of self or others)

(6) social (interacting with others to get laid or get paid)

(7) metaphysical (psychologically weakening the hold of deception and domination systems)

(8) political (ranting and raving about public servant schmucks)

(9) promotional (selling or freely distributing info and valued items, like music mp3s or downloadable product, like e-books or software)


clandestined playing field said...

This list is the best you can do today?

I think you're either slipping or dumbing down.

steven edward streight said...

cpf: this is neither slipping, nor dumbing down, it's called getting back to the basics and focusing on your specialty.

besides, I can't always treat the deep advanced technical esoterica of blogging, with all the newbies coming aboard...

Davis Freeberg said...

You forgot #10 - the classic chain letter memeorandum. Instead of getting bad luck for breaking the chain, you get disappointed bloggers who tagged you to begin with.