Friday, July 07, 2006

8 Signs of a Blog Hater

(1) You reject any questioning of the blogosphere or blog practices, since your own blog is part of the problem.

(2) You post anti-blog comments at blogs, unaware of the contradiction. Or you wish to kill people who dare to express their contrarian opinions and "unacceptable" beliefs (see cowardly anti-blog thug above, with shameful face wrap).

(3) You praise the MSM, because your parents still love Dan Rather and can't understand why he got his ass kicked by his own network.

(4) You defend anything that is done with a blog, simply because it exists -- because analysis means thinking, and thinking is not your cup of tea.

(5) You despise the invention of new expressions like "blogocombat", "reciprocal commenting", "blogology", "vampire blog", or "blog scorching". You prefer to speak of new, innovative things with old, familiar words.

(6) You have a blog, and post comments on other blogs, but persist in making rash statements like "nobody wants to be called a blogger anymore" or "nobody reads blogs anymore".

(7) You love to bash anyone who takes blogging seriously, since to you, everything is just a joke.

(8) You resent the fact that average people have a web presence via blogs, since you feel that media and journalism are the sole province of "trained (though increasingly discredited) professionals".

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