Saturday, July 22, 2006

10 Commandments of CEO Blogging

Vaspers the Grate Executive Training
"10 Commandments of CEO Blogging" (7:49)
Learn the rules for successful corporate blogging: reciprocal commenting, Sarbanes-Oxley transparency, flames vulnerability, blogos participation, digital charisma, non-abandonment clauses, etc.

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steven edward streight said...

omnamaste (11 minutes 2 seconds ago)

supposedly said somehow:

snazzy outfit. must be awfully hot, tho. you really do go on, don't you?

does anyone WANT deceptive, sleazy ppl?

i'm the CEO of the universe and so i am gushing content all the time. but i don't always share it with everyone. i try to limit what i actually share.


timidity is inherited.

i am a timid person, by nature.

i wish ppl would comment on your shit more.
i always wonder what ppl think about this stuff.

i'm a CEO.

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vaspers (30 seconds ago)

We all wish Vaspers and his seemingly endless productions, based on infinite creativity, would garner more reactions, but see, he blows ppl's heads off and brains out and all the mental switches in their secret minds, so his shadowy wars are brushing softly against the skin of unoccupied physiques.

Nothing is inherited or inevitable. Ppl can change entirely at the speed of light.