Sunday, June 25, 2006

web site stats: visitor count and country share

Bloggers need to pay attention to their audience, what they say, who they are, and where they come from.

[Photo: "Israel Surreal" by S. Streight 2006, my first submission to my digital art gallery site in France in about a year.]

Your blog is not just a digital mirror for you to comb your hair in. Your blog is not just some platform for vainglorious exhibitionism, where you prance around like the darling of the blogosphere. We probably don't care what you had for lunch today, okay? We're not that bored with our own lives. Not yet anyway. I hope.

Your blog is a communication channel and web link hub.

You must chatter a while, then shut the hell up and listen to what your readers have to say. Next, if you want to be a popular and effective blogger, you must reply quickly to the comments they post. Try to respond personally to each comment, even if all you can say is "Thanks. That's a good point. Your contribution to this [topic name, like: Net Neutrality] conversation is valued." or whatever.

You must also check your stats. SiteMeter has been providing web site statistics for all the cool sites, for many years now. There are many other providers of vital data about your site visitors, their location, entry and exit pages, average number of visitors per day, referer links (the web sites your visitors where at right before they clicked over to your site), average time spent on your site by a visitor, and much more.

Smart bloggers check their stats frequently, but not obsessively. It's easy to draw incorrect conclusions from raw data. The most important thing to remember about site data: it has nothing to do with you personally.

If your visitor numbers drop from an average of 130 per day, to only 69, what's wrong? Nothing. Or maybe Everything. It depends.

Falling numbers of visitors can mean:

* you pissed off a lot of readers

* you speak Truth that people do not have ears to hear

* you present opinions that are different from what your readers think

* you express art, photography, or music mp3s that are too far ahead of their time

* you are too smart for your readers, so they can't understand your blog

* you are an asshat who likes to bitch, whine, complain, self-loathe, criticize, and demand attention and approval from everyone...and you drove your readers crazy with boredom and disgust

* you have no focus, your content was too scattered and chaotic, not enough depth to satisfy, or the fans of one topic had to wait too long for the next post on that topic

* you never post comments at anybody else's blog, so now you're being shunned and abandoned: via digital Karma.

My visitors are becoming less American and more International.

Vaspers the Grate
Country Share according to SiteMeter
early June 2006

NOTE: I wrote a few things about Avant Israeli music mp3s, and about my heroes Chenard Walcker and his buddy Roy "Chicky" Arad, who make music in Tel Aviv, Israel. Now look at how the reaction was instant and pervasive.

(See new Country Share chart below, compare it to the one above.)

Israeli readers percentage has, due to my posts about Israeli music (including Her Highness and The Unnecessary Revolution), zoomed to #2, after USA readership. Wow! I just wish I could do the same for Antarctica. I want to be the the Most Popular Blogologist/Web Analyst/Computer Musician in the continent of Antarctica. I like hostile alien wintery landscapes.

How about you? What country do you feel like infiltrating in a nice, mutually beneficial manner? Go for it, dude! Why not? Just be ethical, tolerant, apolitical, peace-making, creative, controversial, and compassionate. That's all I ask.

Your blog can have global impact, even if in a supposedly "small" way. You never know what huge influence may be just one reader, but will change the entire world someday!

Now look at the most recent VtG SiteMeter Country Share chart below, and see with your own two eyes how little Israel jumped from 1% of my a whopping 19% in a few days.

Think of what this might mean for your business, music, or ecommerce blog.

I know many more secrets of blog marketing and nation influencing via the internet. Email me for more information:

steven [dot] streight [at] gmail [dot] com

Vaspers the Grate
Country Share according to SiteMeter
late June 2006

People, when you post a YouTube, Google Video, 1938 Media, MoBuzz, or other video at your site, be sure to Title it, Credit the Artist, and provide the Temporaal Duration (Time) of the file (song).

Roy "Chicky" Arad & Chenard Walcker
I Vanunu (2:54)

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