Saturday, June 10, 2006

we are the media, we are the content

There is much haggling about "new media", "social media", "hypermedia", "we media", and "me media".

Another controversy seems to be "consumer-generated content", "pre-customized content", and "content collaboration".

Giant media conglomerates and crappy little "blog media networks" are craving something they call "content". They have a sloppy delivery system ready to screw things up, and now they seek "content" from "content providers" to sling forcefully at a starving-for-content audience.

But the big explosion has already occurred, and the corporate schmucks didn't hear the sound of it, nor can they ever make sense of it.

We, the consumers/creators of content, are bi-polarized and ambivalent toward "product" that companies so desperately cling to and attempt to legalistically protect.

Sure, we'd like to hear the new music CD by the Invisible Ink Erasers, but we could just download Audacity audio editor and a softsynth, and make our own music.

Sure, we'd like to read the new novel by Will Self, but we could just create a new blog devoted exclusively, like Cosmos Blogmos, to our own fiction scribblings.

Sure, we'd like to see the new movie starring Tom Confusin' and Gina Lust Pruitt, but to hell with those smug fucks, we can get a web cam and webcast our own more clever, surreal, and suspenseful dramas.

See: we are the media, via our blogs.

See: we are the content, via our posts.

We as media, as bloggers with a blog to blog in, sort of become the media, we merge with our blogs and the blogosphere. Other bloggers have worked this theme to death, so I move on.

We as content, our lives revealed in digital diarist or disguised in fantastic fiction, are what we pump out as content.

We Are Content:

(1) Our opinions clever expressed.

(2) Our research sufficiently source-linked.

(3) Our comical, satirical attitudes.

(4) Our "with it" hipness at the cascading tip of the glacial geyser that is digitalized infotainment.

(5) Our snarly, burly blogocombat tactics and ideological venom.

(6) Our resistance to opposition forces of political, religious, and commercial domination systems.

(7) Our ethereal floatings and freezings in the digital effluvium all mortals call the web.

(8) Our opposition to multi-tiered, hierarchical, unlevel playing-field internets.

(9) Our zeal for new technology that helps us improve our communications venues (blogs) and expands our site options and benefits for our readers and commenters.

(10) Our fanatic devotion to Truth, Mutual Understanding, Tolerance, and Cooperation, Self-Expression, Eliminating the Need for MSM, Exposure of Evil, Retaliation Against Enemies, Continual Product Improvement, Managerial Specialization of Web-driven Immaterialism.

Everything is shifting, away from the MSM (morbid/mainstream media), away from monolithic mind controllers, away from government tyranny, and away from individual powerlessness.

When we begin materializing our own content, through technological transformation of immaterial ideals and concepts, we are free.

When we create, distribute, consume, and archive our own content, our own infotainment, what happens to the "celebrities", the "stars", the "rock gods", the "anchors", the "TV idols"?

They vanish forever. Good riddance.

The Current Future of Content:

Any Content

Any Amount

Any Time

Any Sequence

Any Format

Any Place.

You shall be and have the content you "crave".

And where shall the big "content providers" be?

Nowhere, that's where.

It will, if you wish, all be YOU.

I predict Narcissism will triumph over Exhibitionism.

Which do you prefer:

"Let me tell you something about myself, that I'm quite sure you never knew before."


"Let me tell you something about yourself, that I'm quite sure you never realized before."

We are curious about other people, but we are most interested in ourselves.

The subconscious drive under the desire to watch American Idol is the secret wish to destroy what we feel are boring, wretched losers, and to vicariously experience the fame and riches and glamour we suppose will shower down upon the winners.

[photo at top: carrie snell by carrie snell, omnamaste]

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