Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vaspers family summer 2006

Three females and a male in the topsy turvy world of the family of Vaspers the Grate.

"Mr. Cookie" and "Cardinals Star" in their playground Humvee.

The marina where we feed the ducks and geese.

Vaspers the Grate at marina.

Mrs. Vaspers on sun deck.

Mrs. Vaspers smiling in blue.

Mrs. Vaspers inspecting a new circle garden, with river rocks and home-made fence, in backyard.

The two guys in the ape disguises went to people's houses, knocked on the door, went inside, watched a movie, left, without ever saying a word. No one knew who it was. This happened in a small rural town of Sheffield or Neponset or Bradford or whatever.

The CD of my CompuMusik album entitled "Assorted Sound Confusions".

"Mr. Cookie" riding an ornamental lion to experience the concrete sensation of triumphalism over rialtoism.

Checking on the boys.


Chris Ritke said...

Helloooo there - it's nice to see some photos of you and your family! Looks like you're having a great time! Summer is always something special - makes us feel, well, different.

steven edward streight said...

Good to hear from you again. You are a very important part of Vaspers history, being the first person to do a podcast with Vaspers and the first person to conduct an interview with Vaspers.

Summers are made for lemonade and hiking.

steven edward streight said...

Chris: I signed up for IODA and am using their promo mp3 program here. Very good music so far I've found.

carrie said...

neato torpedo! thanks for the personal post!!!!!! woohooo!!!!!!
a glimpse of
the man behind the magic.

or whatever.