Friday, June 23, 2006

super non-spurious

Humility will get you everywhere, for the meek (not the arrogant or celebrities) shall inherit the earth.

An improved, innovative, super non-spurious earth, which is a symbol for: eternal shimmerings.

There is no other way to get it. No other path toward it. No alternate route. No navigation options. Just a straight line: from humble resplendent residuum ("the matter remaining after combustion, filtration, evaporation, absorption, emasculation, humiliation, frustration, revolution").

By being sincere, open to opposing viewpoints, disarmingly polite to enemy blogocombatters, and gentle toward yourself, you reign. Wherever you want to reign.

The super non-spurious is the hidden future of authenticity that suddenly appears. The real. The actual, non-artificial You that you were meant to be. We either become what our potential suggests...or we decline and dissolve into what our imperfections dictate tyrannically to our impoverished Will.