Thursday, June 15, 2006

slits. spacemen 3. tangerine dream. the fugs. 13th floor elevators.

The Slits
"Jubilee" (1978)

You wanna see real, authentic, oldschool Grrrl Punk? Here it is. Back when girls had guitar power and got freaky with it. Lov watching the ladies destroy the car, but: the demolition sounds are a musical performance. Those smashing and wrenching sounds are a song! I said so!

Spacemen 3
"Walking With Jesus"

A more contemporary Velvets like band.

Tangerine Dream
"Structural Ambientalism"

One of the early electronic music pioneers, Tangerine Dream. A band whose first few albums, IMHO, are pretty good: especially "Zeit" and "Atem". This is from a very early period, probably 1973.

The Fugs
"Crystal Liaison" (1968)

The East Village hippie satire band. Swedish television performance. Very sarcastic anti-New Age anti-Mysticism for Profit protest song.

13th Floor Elevators
"You're Gonna Miss Me" (1968)

Nice performance by acid casualty Roky Erikson and his band, which was strange psychedelia, aside from this more commercial type song.


René Vis said...

Roky Erickson is one of my favourite singer/songwriters. If you want to hear his great talent stripped to the core, listen to the CD "Never Say Goodbye". Lots of tracks are just Roky and his guitar. It's beautiful !

G. Randy Primm said...

fugs fugs fuggit.

boy, howdy, i used to play these people back in the dai and my radio listeners would call up and say clever things like,

"WTF izzat??"

ho ho ho.

too young 2 dye.

Slits Fan said...

I love The Slits footage. They are the only good part of that dreadful film.