Friday, June 16, 2006

silver jews. rene vis. chenard. suburban kids with biblical names.

The Silver Jews
"How Can I Love You
(If You Won't Lie Down)?"

This is like Pavement meets The Fugs. Another therapeutic band. I wish all music videos were this insane.

Begins with "fast cars, fine ass, these things will pass" and "time is a game only children play well". That lady is boss! With distortion pedal banjo?

The flagellant bit at the end is effete psychology. Let's muscle up another poem, dill boy! This band may be dangerous. I'm addicted to this Perfect Music Video.

Silver Jews
"Sleeping is the Only Love"

Uh oh. I see a trend, a train of thought, a logical conclusion: 1. Lie down and let me love you, 2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, 3. "How was it for you?"

You will not live until tomorrow, unless you watch this now, that's how vital and upsetting it is! A charming country bar love ballad by a lazy, drowsy bloke.

"a box of candy or a foot massage, some people don't take the time". Blushy stuff.

Silver Jews
"Punks in the Beerlight"

With lyrics like "let's not kid ouselves, it's really really bad" and "I loved you to the max", plus sloppy theology like "Adam and Eve were Jews", this satire rock band may make even Tuli Kupferberg and Ed Sanders laugh until they tinkle in the dinkle.

FREE: short length version of full length nuclear weapon wild west post-apocalyptic "action" movie, with lust and trust! Must be seen to be unbelieved! You heathen dork!

Rene Vis
"Back to Radio"

A music video that says "let's get back to radio" and "music's made to listen to". Will internet radio kill the commercial video stars? Let's hope so.

From the Netherlands. Pass the honey-roasted hope stars, please. Kick em to the cul-de-sac curb, Rene!

Chenard Walcker & Roy Chicky Arad
"Maayan" (in a Jerusalem pub, Israel 2006)

Someday, I'll make cut & paste lounge trip as good as these guys. Chair dancing at its finest! Disgrunt?

Suburban Kids with Biblical Names
"Rent a Wreck"

A battle of the Pseudo Religious Bands: Suburban Kids With Biblical Names vs. Silver Jews vs. Spiritualized vs. God Street Wine vs. The Sicilian Vespers vs. The Part-time Christians vs. Nirvana vs. Bardo Pond vs. New Bible Heroes vs. Jesus & Mary Chain vs. Ministry vs. Judas Priest?

Talk about multi-tasking: eating a bowl of cereal while ironing? Shaving in the shower while brushing your teeth? And I thought I invented these skills. Must be seen before you die, or you'll be forced to watch it in hell for all eternity!


carrie said...

i watched them all and enjoyed them all. thanks for sharing. leave it to you to find such unusual stuff

steven edward streight said...

It's easy.

First, remember that bands with extremely clever or weird names are usually pretty good.

Second, songs with extremely clever or weird titles tend to be pretty good.

Third, check to see if others have rated them highly.

Forth, type in the names of the strangest bands you know of, or just make up a name and see what happens.

That's how to find strange YouTubes.

Sonic Youth were on Letterman tonight, I saw the last half of a song.

René Vis said...

The Silver Jews are great. They remind me of The Handsome Family, a couple from Texas, and (to the masses' measures) kinda weird. Right now I'll take a look for their videos on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

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