Wednesday, June 28, 2006

shoegaze band The London Apartments

This is some of the softest rock ever made by man and machine.

The London Apartments

So soft and fragile, it almost floats away on a fairy cloud. Incredibly soothing and gentle music, with whisper singing. The exact opposite of heavy metal, the absurdist extreme of "nearly dead rock", perfect for flower garden, cemetary, and bone cellar.

The London Apartments
"Dialogue of One" EP (See CD cover photo above).

I really was taken away by the songs "Teeth" and "Circuit". They have addictive melodic hooks embedded within them. The minimalist, nihilist drum machines remind me of early Camouflage Danse projects.

The London Apartments
"Put a Jacket On" virtual 7"

More great songs for your contemplative, relaxed listening pleasure. Shut up, sit down, lie back, fade away, and float into these lovely melody clouds, where voice is no privileged realm, is barely audible, and seems, in my reveries, to be coming from the instruments, and not a human...

but how did these machines become so painfully emotive and full of dreary longing?

Vaspers iTunes Playlist:

(1) Teeth
(2) Circuit
(3) Put a Jacket On
(4) Streetlights are Soldiers
(5) Streets in Autumn
(6) Song 25
(7) Next Year
(8) It Is Never Goodbye

These FREE online mp3s are an EP and a Virtual 7", that, when combined, make a nice album. I want more. I want it ALL. For as long as it continues. The London Apartments. Let your several selves be [gently] blown away.

This band has a blog, so you can run over there and interact with them via comments and email. Tell them Vaspers sent you, but be nice, or I'll slop bucket you with special effects, i.e., blogoclobber your punk butt.

The London Apartments
"On Your Own" (6:33)

The London Apartments (live)
"December Was Spent Inside" (8:29)

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steven edward streight said...

From an email correspondence between Vaspers and The London Apartments:


hello Steven,

thanks for that great mention on your fantastic blog... your words about the music were amazing.

thank you for understanding the sounds so well.

i've linked up to your blog on my Press page on my site...

there's so much great information on your blog, hopefully i'll find some time to explore it. your post on video blogging is right on. :)

also, if you have any of those cds of your music left... here's my address...

[address deleted]

take care,




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Steven Streight
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12:20 pm (0 minutes ago)

Wow. I was just thinking outside in our garden about your band, wondering if I'd ever get your attention.

I was exploring Archives dot org, following some band like from a net label, where some of their offerings are hosted at Archives dot org.

I believe it was Chenard Walcker, Roy Chicky Arad, Her Highness, other Israeli avant garde musicians of great talent.

Anyway, I somehow ended up at Stars In Coma albums, and it was called "Shoegaze", a term rather new to me, that my old band, Camouflage Danse, lead singer Bennett says comes from William Burroughs remark of mainlining, nodding off, and staring at his shoes.

Well, I consider it Ethereal Gaspings, a sort of marginal music that barely hangs on to physicality, it seems to be Evaporating Music, so soft and soothing, so fragile, yet firm. Hence, I love it.

I cannot stop listening to "Teeth", "Circuit", and "Streetlights are Soldiers" in particular.

The drum machine usage is extremely sophisticated, simple but so freaking addictive. It's uncanny, your use of the equipment.

You have perfected, also, a rare form of whisper transmission singing, worthy of Tibetan masters.

When I hear your beats, especially when the continue long after the singing is over, I get an immediate sense that you know exactly what you're doing and how to accomplish it. No easy feat.

Most musicians just slop around and imitate and throw their well rehearsed boredoms to a mindless teenybopper audience, an audience who has little idea of contemplation.

Contemplative Soft Rock might be a way to describe it. I sense some spirtual pathing to this, and your buddies at Sundays in Spring. Using frames on their web site makes it more difficult to download mp3s. I love V.O., Incredible Shrinking Man, and others over at SiS.

The London Apartments is the best, though. No other band comes anywhere close to you. I also enjoy other super soft bands like Coastal, Rivulets, The Wild Weeds, Aarktika, Twelve, Say Hi to Your Mom, WS Burn, and The Yearlings.

FAVOR, PLEASE: You are about to become very rich and famous. You are racing toward it. Please:

(1) put more tunes up on YouTube, music videos or live concert excerpts, like "Teeth" and "Circuit" (you say how I put up YouTubes of TLA, right? All two of them. Ha. I'm working on getting some of my band Camouflage Danse videos on YouTube.

(2) any tips on how to get a net label to distribute my bizarre CompuMusik or Camouflage Danse?

Thanks for writing.

Stay in Touch, friend.



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