Monday, June 12, 2006

Scoble on blogs and media storms

Robert Scoble, co-author of Naked Conversations book on business blogging, former Chief Technology Evangelist and Head Blogger for Microsoft, leaves Microsoft

Robert Scoble suddenly leaves Microsoft, after using blogs AND the blogosphere, by interacting with everyone and anyone in the bizarre wild wild west of the benefit of humanizing and softening public perception of the firm.

Scoble has proven that a huge corporation can seek, enjoy, and profit from Transparency, Integrity, Candor, Passion, Receptivity, Reciprocity and the many other core values of blogging. Blogging works. Companies who pretend to be clueless are suspected of having something to hide, and no desire to talk to the public about anything.

I like how Scoble handles his online communications. His move to work for Podtech is good. He will do well.

But before people start ganging up on Microsoft as Big Bad Business Brother, and speculating about what "really" happened, they should read Naked Conversations.

That way, they'll have a deep, insightful view of how Microsoft was served by blogging, by a person like Scoble representing them. By gaining and displaying expertise on business blogging, Scoble and Israel have produced the landmark text to guide and inspire the blogosphere.

The Red Couch was the original, albeit placeholder, title of the vastly interesting and explosive blog that was blogging about blogging as well as about the book which was about blogs, that was later named Naked Conversations.

I talked them out of calling it Blog or Die, by reminding them that in some countries, our fellow bloggers blog AND die.

Now, at Podtech, Scoble will make a gigantic leap in a new and fruitful direction.


June 12, 2006


[snip--text deleted]

Yes, Technorati shows that people are indeed blogging too.

Whew, my head is spinning, there's so much commentary (mostly nice, but some nasty) that I don't know what to react to, so I probably won't for a while and maybe come back to it in a week after it all settles down.

I am learning a lot about how media storms happen and what can be done about them when they happen (there are some things you can do, for instance by being available to answer rumors — that's one reason my cell phone is on my blog.

Another one? Post fast, post often, and answer the most common questions.

But, the biggest one? Learn how to hang out with, and talk with, and make friends with bloggers, podcasters, videobloggers, and virtual worlds' influentials).


Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, shown here, promoting their new book on business blogging and blog ethics: Naked Conversations.

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Robert Scoble said...

Thanks Steven, I really appreciate your support over the years!