Wednesday, June 28, 2006

online combat at the Audacity discussion list

I want to open the eyes of those who have never seen or engaged in blogocombat.

[EDIT UPDATE: Forgot to mention that this quote is from the Audacity-users discussion group. Audacity is a free audio editing software product from my friends at SourceForge.

This kind of user-base email correspondence community is unique to the online world.

In this case, it's a collective assembly of users of a freeware audio editing, file formating, and sound creation tool. Questions are usually asked: new users tend to ask for help understanding certain features or accomplishing specific tasks.

Complaints, suggestions, and insights into related subjects, like DRM or softsynths, occur. Opinions and reviews abound. Tempers flare. Cautions and chill outs are offered. Most realize that we're trying to have a civilization around here.

But once in a while an explanation turns into a defense which transforms into an aggressive assertion that becomes a pointed barb with a poison tip...

And then, ladies and gentlemen, online combat has begun!

Consider joining an email discussion list. You can learn something, observe hot online battles, takes sides and suffer the spoils of victory--or enjoy the sweet taste of defeat...

and ultimately contribute your dopey point of view to the explorations of the new digital world we're moving into like machine gun lightning.]

Without going through the entire topic thread, I stumbled on this message today. It is a good example of how one person can respond to a seemingly immature jerk.

I'm collecting such examples of online combat, plus posts where bloggers renounce their blog and leave the blogosphere. You like such fare? Then I got you covered, pal. Stay tuned for more.



First off, i am not ON your case.

You appear to be both hostile AND frustrated.

If you read my comments you may notice i was sticking up for you....but i don't think you, in your present mindset , can actually RECOGNIZE such reality.

You have come off as rather rude yourself, and have NOT been clear even in your rather feeble attempts at asking for help...rather than respond with pertinant information regarding your machine environment or what you are actually trying to accomplish, you vent still more hostility and frustration on the people here, many of whom have taken time from their busy and hectic lives to attempt to help.

Your continued response suggests that your issues stem more from your personal life than the actions of anyone on this list; i wish you much peace and healing if this is the case.

Your response was at best extremely childish, at worst even more rude than the presumptions i've read grow from your writings daily.

Audacity is a fairly simple program to master if one takes the time to try to use it, or ask questions. Being asked NOT to send "free emoticon " spam is HARDLY a valid reason to go off. Your life.

Please keep it to yourself if you can't be constructive. Complain to all; this list is driven by the people on it. What respect have you shown here?

You ask a half-baked question, rephrase it the same way virtually, and then get pissy about it? Talk about ego driven and uppity. It's a shame that you don't take the time to learn some civility and tact; it could get you far in life.

I have seen your type before, sadly, and it's a shame to see folks percieve such non-existant persecution.

Finally, your comments about porn are both insulting and bigotted, and completely unwaranted by you for ANY reason, and you should be ashamed indicting the good people on this list, including the females, with such babble.

You will NOT be missed for these behaviours one bit.

I humbly suggest you get the fuck over yourself.

Good day; and good riddance.

[signature name deleted]


For the record, I agree with the guy lecturing Lauren. Audacity is super simple and easy, and while I've only begun to explore it, it does everything I need for my computer music composition and recording. The effects are terrific. The sound path is easy to control and modify, with cut and paste technique.

I love Audacity. It's probably the best software I've ever tested. But it crashes sometimes, when I try to add effects to a sound path sector in, usually, the last audio track created. That is very frustrating, but I just keep loading it into my Firefox browser, and go at it again.

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