Tuesday, June 13, 2006

of paralyzed browsers and vanishing script permission bars

Here are the screwed up problems I'm dealing with today, which show my ignorance or how primitive this whole internet, web, and blog mesh is.

Anybody know why, [Problem #1] when I start up my Internet Explorer (IE), Opera, and Avant browsers, they can't find the servers for Vaspers the Grate, Chartreuse, or other quality blog objects? But my minimized Firefox rendering of Vaspers the Grate is fully alive, no disappearing server problem.

Thus: Firefox can surf the net, but IE, Opera, and Avant are completely paralyzed?

Why did I need to launch IE, Opera, then Avant browsers?

Because [Problem #2] Firefox, which was worthless and crash-prone a few months ago, even though it's behaving more reliably, suddenly decides it cannot read my Blogger/Blogspot word verification in the comment posting field. All I see is "visual verification" in text, no captcha box with letters in it. So I can't post comments to my own blog, for a while, then I can.

Next, [Problem #3] Firefox suddenly decides it can't display the Script Permission Bar, which forbids or permits scripts from various sources on a web site. Why is this a big deal, that it does not display?

Because [Problem #4] I can't upload any mp3 files to Filelodge, their web site asks me to permit javascript, but my Firefox Script Permission Bar has vanished, with all scripts forbidden by default.

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carrie said...

sounds like a pain in the derriere


no suggestions really except clear your cache...