Tuesday, June 20, 2006

my blogging days are numbered

I just want to thank everyone for reading and interacting with my blog. My neck is so messed up, I may have to leave the blogosphere someday soon. Or maybe I'll blog until my head falls off. At any rate, I will continue for as long as I can. This blog is my primary Web Consultant businesss generator, my showcase for my web analysis and blogology thinking. I guess you need a strong (and sometimes stiff) neck to blog and wage blogocombat. I love you all.


Harvey Dog said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your neck problems. I always enjoy reading your posts. There's always "food for thought" in your words.

Hopefully, it'll work out and you can keep waging "blogocombat"!

steven edward streight said...

I've been meaning to get to your blog, and I was also curious as to if you had heard the mp3s of my old art band Camouflage Danse, since we share many musical tastes.

Thanks for your concern and encouragement.

I can't get to all the blogs and sites that I want and need to get to, due to this geek neck I'm always whining about.


Anonymous said...

Feel better buddy.

steven edward streight said...

I guess I need to swallow my pride and go see the doctor.

Burning sensation, cracking sounds, stiff, aches, etc. From prolonged, poor posture computing.

MARYBETH said...

Hi Steven


* ice packs of varying sized and shapes.

* keep a timer on and stop every 20-30 minutes tops to perform stretches-i will post some on my blog in a few days. If i forget -please remind me.
* invest in a 10 dollar inflatable excerball. First you can use it as your seat, which is fun as you can bounce around and create all sorts of original stretches for varying body parts.
It is fabulous for arm , shoulder and back stretches-not to mention just slowley rolling back into a semi backbend position opens up all sorts of nerve roots and allows tight muscles to release ( or at least try to)
* Warm showers- at least 3-4 times per day to ease tightnening muscles and create a more relaxed state of being.
* TIGER BALM-despite its not so sexy smell- it truly penetrates deep into muscle tissues bringing some relief. Just be sure to throughly clean your hands afterwards, as even one tiny speck in the eye can bring on tortuous pain-so bad you will forget how bad your neck and shoulders hurt.
* get a thorough medical eval-insist on an MRI, as X-rays are a waste of time and money as they rarely show anything of relavence in orthopedic issues.-unless you have a broken bone.
Perhaps some more healing types of music-slower paced- encouraging egualr deep breathing could be of benefit as well.
I hope this helps!
Your comrade in cervical agoney

carrie said...

yes, that is a bummer that you have to deal with such pain and stuff. i hope there is improvement in that area soon.

hfd said...

Dear Steven. I haven't been here for a time and enjoyed the new design and links. I especially appreciated your comments on my blog and the links to my recent articles on Blogcritics. Thanks.

Since I am fighting gout, a cataract and life's hassles, I am allowed to say: get a great massage and keep on blogging. You have too much to say and show to stop.


Humour and last laugh said...

Take your time off but do not say bye.

Paul Woodhouse said...

Cortizone? Morphine? Mary Jane? Whisky? Ghost/guest blogger? Holiday?

Pick as many or as few as you want.

Harvey Dog said...

Marybeth gives some wise advice.

I am listening to Camouflage Danse as I'm typing this. I am absolutely loving it! I like the way you guys balance experimentation with listenability. Not an easy thing to do, yet you manage it. I love the sound of the Hawaiian wah-wah guitar feedback! So cool...and you guys played at some pretty prestigious places.

Keep working on the neck and here's hoping for quick improvement.

steven edward streight said...

I'm doing the Twist & Blog, squirming as I type, using gentle fluid flow motions, tilting and turning my head at all different angles.

Harvey Dog: I am going to paste your comment about Camouflage Danse on the post with mp3s, so that way I know Bennett will read it. Your praise, and Tinbasher Paul Woodhouse's "kinda lovin' it" are awfully nice commentary.

We have other good sessions, like the WFMU 2 hour live concert, the GAS shows, and the Asylum show. Eventually we'll get them all up as mp3s to download.

Harvey Dog, send me via email a PO Box or land address, and I'll send you some CDs of both Camouflage Danse and my new material -- CompuMusik.

I was not using a Hawaiian guitar on the "Inside" sessions, I was using a tripped out Italian hollow body electric guitar, with orange/purple paisley material somehow layed on the body, with some kind of plastic or something layed on top of that.

A very unique and surf guitar type sound.

I am the one playing guitar through the whole "Inside" session, with phaser, flanger, and analog delay pedals. Those wild echo/feedback attack vectors, the soaring whip-like sounds are coming from the analog delay pedal.

I would get mad at the other guys for imitating my freaky guitar tones with synthesizer sounds, but in this session they didn't do that.

We fussed and bitched at each other all the time while we played live. And we would, in the middle of a song, go to the sound board and turn each other down, often they would turn my guitar totally off, so it was fun, the musico-combat. We attacked each other with our instruments. Very often, I would be on synthesizer behind a curtain on stage, so no one could see me (I'm so shy, really) and the audience would ask later where those weird science fiction sounds were coming from.

Most of the time I played synthesizer. I don't know how to play guitar, but I play it like a string-synth, load it with effects.

Paul: thanks for the suggestions. It's not pain so much as stiffness, cracking sounds, tension, mild aches. Mostly cracking sounds, very creepy and annoying, every time I barely turn my head in any direction.

Kathryn said...

you should go to the doctor for sure.

steven edward streight said...

Kathryn: thanks for the prod. And I tip my hat to you for that astonishing MetroLyrics link.

MetroLyrics is absolutely a dream come true. I don't think the RIAA will like it, but welcome to the New Share Economy, where everything is increasingly FREE.

What an awesome discovery. And Kathryn beat me to it. That's not easy to do.

steven edward streight said...

Just click on that Free Lyrics button in my sidebar, right below Free Camouflage Danse mp3s link.

Totally phenomenal and ultra easy to use, even with all those (easy to ignore) ads bouncing around in the web site.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I felt it in my bones about two weeks ago. I knew that the end of a good thing was near. I believe the prophesies may come true... Death to all the infidels! To the non believers! VTG must live on! You dictate, I shall write, there will be a way. There was once a dream, it was VTG leading the noble, brave and blogging saavy into blogocombat! It shall live on!

harry potter assassination squad said...

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whut-e-ver. he be power med man. he fight telepo-combat, 2, telpathic mind fighting. trained by xecret kults.

Thursday, June 22, 2006 10:50:58 PM

René Vis said...

Too bad if you would stop your blogging. But then again, the signs our body gives us don't lie. You might consider to blog some less, because it will be hard to stop at all. In case you do: I sincerely thank you for what you've done for me and my music so far. Hope we'll keep in contact.