Thursday, June 22, 2006

MetroLyrics: music lover's dream come true

It's so frustrating to love a song, and not know the lyrics. In that case, you hum it or your mind furnishes garbled mush, almost like speaking in tongues, in place of the actual lyrics. Or your mind, obsessed with "meaning", will supply alternative lyrics of its own creation, to fill in the gaps.

Forget it!

Now your mind can relax in the calm oasis of the actual lyrics (with some guesses) of the songs you love to sing along with, hum, or allow to groove along in your heart.

Thanks to the great genius girl Kathryn, I have discovered MetroLyrics. That "Free Lyrics" button in my sidebar, right under Free Camouflage Danse mp3s, is a link to MetroLyrics. Type in an artist name, then scroll down on the page that comes up, and see a list of all the songs they have lyrics for.

Stereolab has great music, and the most intellectual lyrics I have ever encountered anywhere. They sing songs about philosophy, socialism, ugly religion, and stuff like that.

Doug McCombs, a frequent studio musician for Stereolab, is a bass guitar player in the avant band Tortoise. He was a friend of my old girlfriend Bobbie Steffens, and he played in Camouflage Danse during our first live concert performance in Chicago on Halloween Eve many centuries ago.

MetroLyrics is an astonishing find. Way to go, Kathryn!

Stereolab "Laissez Faire"
(from Stereolab CD
"ABC Music-BBC Radio 1 Sessions")

(from CD "Refried Ectoplasm")


carrie said...


my sister IS a genius.


steven edward streight said...

yep||||obtdvdpq word verification code

Kathryn said...


no. not me.

i just recently learned how to spell the word genious correctly.

whoops I MEAN : G-E-N-I-U-S.

steven edward streight said...

Kathryn: humility will get you everywhere, for the meek (not the arrogant or celebrities) shall inherit the earth, an improved, innovative, super non-spurious earth, a symbol for: eternal shimmerings.

Keep up the brilliant photo and art work. I'm addicted.