Monday, June 19, 2006

Kaukasus blog: beauty in wilderness

In contrast to many falsely named "Christian", actually "churchian" groups, I promote the appreciation of nature, especially untamed, wild country.

I have a passionate hatred of Christianity. I advocate a true spirituality, which is necessarily a private, inner reality. Not a banding together of like-minded brainwashed chumps groveling at the filthy feet of a CEO Pastor wanker.

I didn't say I hated God, or Christ, or faith. Or true, sincere seekers.

I hate what stomps around as "Christianity", the televangelists, the pastors, the churches. Religious hypocrites who parade around with their own pet hostilities, pounding their impudent pulpits with purpose-driven zeal. I abhor them all, with very few exceptions.

So-called Christianity (read: churchianity, worship of the church and its dogmas and rules) has historically been opposed to nature. Nature has been viewed negatively, as a seductive entity that distracts the mind from proper reverence for the soul and it's idiotic strivings for superiority and dominance. St. Francis is a notable exception. St. Augustine was stupid in this regard.

I guess I'm sort of a pantheist in a certain sense: I see nature, animals, birds, mountains, jungles as correspondences (ala Swedenborg), or symbols of immaterial realms and realities. In a certain sense, I think it is painful to God when a bird dies. It is sacrilege when a human steps on an ant. It's blasphemy to say that mankind can exploit nature, and not be a good steward of the environment.

God-haters (including a good number of "pastors") can't attack God directly, so instead, they oppress people, abuse creatures, and defile nature.

They use the Bible as a weapon and fanaticism as a badge of authenticity. They act like the only sins are homosexuality and abortion, maybe alcoholism. They never criticize gluttony, hypocrisy, gangs, war, gambling, the occult, or even dangerous drugs, like Ritalin and crystal meth.

I'm a tree-hugger. I'm an animal-communicator. I'm a flower-kisser.

So I enjoy very much the Kaukasus blog of my friend Hans. Just look at all those amazing photos. Let Hans take you on a tour.

A humble abode: Armazi's house in Arkhoti.


Humour and last laugh said...

The things you said about Christianity here are true of other religion too. Hope your enlightening thoughts change a few minds to moderate their religious inclinations.

steven edward streight said...

I was going to mention other religions, but I decided to keep my criticism focused on what is closer to home.

My dad was an atheist and my mom had a vague faith, but did not attend church, and I never saw her read a Bible, though she had a few around the house for some unknown reason.

I rebelled against their attitudes, and became a strong evangelical born again Christian as a teen.

But I soon saw that God was more in nature and in human compassion, than in any stupid church full of hypocrites and deceivers, even sexual predators.

I was sexually harassed by secret homosexual church members.

I was screamed at, with repulsive language, by a pastor who hated me for saying he should preach against Harry Potter and witchcraft. He would not do that, because he didn't want to offend the parents who stupidly let their church-going kids go to HP movies, and play Grand Theft Auto and other violent, sexually perverse video games.

He wanted to preach only against gay marriage and abortion. He was using explicit language about gay sex, right in the church, telling us what we already knew, and yelling "Wake up people!" He admitted to abusing Effexor and other prescription drugs, would even joke about it.

Just a tiny window of insight into why I passionately hate Christianity, the Churchianity version.

The pastor even said, "We need to kill those mullahs in Saudi Arabia".

Pastors who loudly promote the killing of anybody, these pastors are dangerous lunatics, like Jim Jones or Benny Hinn.

I like theologians like Charles Finney, Martin Luther, St. Augustine, St. Francis, Brother Lawrence, Oswald Chambers, some of those early desert saints, like St. Anthony and Simon Stylites.

Aceticism, monks, hermits, cenubites, and other saints of austerity and deprivation appeal to me very greatly.

A spiritual person must love nature with tremendous passion and care, because it belongs to God and He said it was all good.

To step on an ant is stepping on God, a part of God, an evidence of God, a manifestation of God, a friend of God, an aspect of God, a creation of God, and a revelation of God.

The Creator is abundantly revealed in not only sacred writings, but also in what He has created for His and our enjoyment.

How "Christians" can do less than Buddhists, Jains, Muslims, Hindus, when it comes to the environment...I just can't understand how they can be so thoughtless and disrespectful of God's beautiful and astonishing creation.

Even if someone refuses to believe in a God, still: this universe is a treasure trove of wonder and intelligence and mystery.

The way we treat nature reveals what we REALLY think of God, just like if you came into my house and started breaking and abusing things in it.

Raising our hands in a "worship service", then stepping on an ant and making fun of "tree huggers"...what a contradiction.

Humour and last laugh said...

Hey Steven, I understand the predicment you might have faced while being acquainted with the politics and tyranny that lies underneath the religion as is practiced today. I also am saddened by the harrassment you had to bear in the course.
And I fully agree with the resolution you reached to, mostly of not taking the religion too seriously. I too believe in spirituality and not in religion. Have a nice day. Shall be in touch.