Saturday, June 24, 2006

From Cluetrain webonomics to New Age expose

Daring pseudo music band, The Angry Orts.

Using my patented SNO methodology (Silent Non-invasive Observation), with a few deviations in the form of email comments on topics in which I'm proud to say I'm well-versed (scripturally and psycho-therapukingly), I watch Christopher Locke.

Locke is co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, which is like the Declaration of Independence and Last Gasp of True Human Voice in the Digital Realm. Cluetrain is what separates the chumps from the humps, the MSM ass-kissers from the New Share Economy bloggers, the broadcast lackeys from the podcast whackies..

...the outmoded rialtos from the ecommerce commandos.

You are either for us or against us.

Either Cluetrain or Gluebrain. There is no neutral territory.

You either believe in internet equality, customer base-to-corporate HQ conversations, free expression, online community building, universal democracy, open and aggressive debate, and unrestricted, non-commerical usage of everything...

...or you cling to Old Economy Delusions: greed-mongering and fear-quivering tactics like DRM (digital rights management), patriarchy, hierarchy, and command-and-control centralization.

It's the Wild Wild West of totally free and equal internet vs. digital domination systemization.

Christoper Locke has gone from webonomic analysis to Anti-New Age warpathing.

His lethal mental lance is relentlessly jabbing, with refreshingly passionate animosity, at the deceptive practices of New Age charlatans, and the nearly universal Anti-Semitic and Anti-Rationality orientation of new age thinkers.

Investigating such deadly, elitist-racist ideas as a "Great White Brotherhood" of Teutonic-Aryan Ascended Masters, Locke is revealing the genocidal, blood-stained skeletons in the closet of the entire New Age movement.

I get his EGR newsletter and eagerly devour all his updates, but sometimes I wish he'd write about online marketing, blog monetization, Web 2.0h No!, and similar topics, what he used to write about, as in Cluetrain and his highly info-taining book Gonzo Marketing.

Today, he did it. He wrote about marketing again. In his Entropy Reversal Gradients newsletter, er, well, in an email that may have been Subject: Not really EGR, but who cares? It was there. From him. Fresh meat. New insights. On marketing, rather than another rant against the New Age hoaxes.

A real, pithy, professional, ecommerce marketing essay. Finally. Yippee! (I think.)

You read it. I think I need more Starbucks to fully comprehendo this. What is it?

It's either a very profound treatise on the future of today's ancient marketing mysticism...or it's a diatribe of persiflage to camouflage the way to assuage---what?

Should I sign up for the marketing program?

I need to make a decision today.


Valued Readers,

I am forwarding this [Vaspers: an attached rialto ad for a Vegas-style, tin pan alley spiritualistic Somebody Knight and Ramtha performance of brainwashing audiences into thinking they got some kinda pseudo power, you-know, so they can finally get laid, or get that raise at work, or get that spooky computer music distributed by a popular net label] only as a public service -- to show what's possible with my Exciting New God-a-Lama-Ding-Dong Multilevel Marketing Program.

There is still time to get Enlightened and make a killing by bilking gullible New Age "seekers."
[What about New Age "finders", Chris? I want to scalp them with money blades, too. The ones who are absolutely convinced that they have indeed "found" what they were theoretically "missing", and are willing to sell it to, unabashedly,--ANYONE, no matter what their previous criminal record, seance-snoozing history, or church-going status may be!

They also need to be Scorched Earthed financially, right?
The gastropodic gurus and ascended mustards?]

If you don't believe me, send [$] 1000 American cash dollars [he means USD, I think. He's got that Fugs album playing so loud, I can't yell loud enough to ask him right now] to [land address deleted] so I can rush [what's the big hurry?] you my all-new, 5-page [wow, 5 whole pages, but printed on BOTH sides? that is the question...] PDF:

How You Too Can Strike It Rich With New-Paradigm Ancient Quantum-Ontological Obfuscation If You Don't Mind Looking Like A Total Asshole in the Process

Thank You,

RB - the 50,000 year old chimpanzee from Mars


My pet amoeba-mouse, that I found next to the chemical and metaphysical weapons plant, stockpiler of Ritalin, Happy Potter, and A Course in Miracles.


Scott Bradshaw said...

Cute post, though ovetly obstruse and meant to impress with a phenom grasp and use of the english language - unfortunately, most of it was sensationalized garbage, meant to play on what is termed a polarization technique -- an extremely effective marketing ploy. It's the same technique used to recruit for Al Qaeda. Simply take a dogmatic, polarized viewpoint, without the need to actually familiarize yourself to it by studying both sides of the issue, or actually taking the time to learn something - heaven forbid, we might need to learn to think for ourselves, to accumlate and analyze facts, to, need I actually say it - to study. Yes, to actually evaluate all the facts before reaching your own independent conclusion. We simply create a polarized issue that people flock toward one end of the 'pole' or the other. Politicians use this technique all the time to gather votes. So did Mohammad Ali.

We certainly wouldn't want to simply accept what our society, friends, peers, culture, and family may have instilled in us as truth since childbirth. Let's throw out any new thinking that might contradict it.

Yes, let's cruxify Christ for heretical preaching (as we would have had we been raised a good hebrew at the time), and, certainly, let's not anger the gods, and, in fact, let's appease them through human sacrifice because, of course, our entire life we've been conditioned to believe this reality to be true. Or better yet, let's say the earth revolves around the sun so that the church can judge us as a heretic. Oh the list isn't long of those who actually think for themselves.

New Age, for one thing, isn't all that new. In fact, the basis of most of its teachings dates back to the mystery schools surrounding the Mediterrean region prior to Jesus.

Yet, recently (and I mean in terms of several hundred years), many charltons and con-men have profited handsomely off such beliefs. Oddly, per FBI statistics today, churches contain the largest percentage of con-men per capita anywhere. So, saying that predators can lay in wait for stupid, naive new-agers holds little water, for those same predators steal from established religions just as readily. People of faith are easy targets. There not stupid, they just have faith.

My point, however, is relatively simple. Take the time to analyze both sides of an issue. Don't just criticize. Galileo was banned from teaching the sun was the center of the solar system by the establishment - because such a thought was 'stupid', naive, and heretical. Hell, you probably also still believe in 'the single bullet' theory.

I, personally, have read around twenty books, written by ph.d's regarding quantum physics and the nature of reality. Though there is much room for debate, there is no question that something about us, as the observer, collapses an infinite field of possibilities into a singular event (i.e. matter, i.e. the world around us). Prior to our observation of it, nothing exists - only probabilities of existence. This isn't new age mumbo-jumbo - this is scientific fact. Its implications can only be debated.

Given this, the proponents that support a belief that human consciousness plays a role in creation bears more investigation. There is no question that it does.

Personally, I reached this conclusion after reading several books in the mid-eighties. Such an idea intrigued me, so I began to see if I could effect the quantum field and influence reality. To date, my family will confirm that I do. Further, they frequently come to me and ask me 'to create' something for them, especially at critical times.

I have a Masters Degree and minored in statistics. I have monitored the periods of time I create versus those periods I am too busy to bother. The results border on the unbelievable (heresy, by your apparent standards) and are statistically significant at a level that almost literally goes off the charts.

Am I saying that ALL new age writings are real and should be taken seriously. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Most of it is junk. Probably about 95% or more. Separating the wheat from the chaff isn't that difficult, however. If it looks like crap, if it borders on the perposterous, and if no scientific data anywhere supports it, then yes, it probably is just someone scamming the new-agers for some bucks.

I recently begun building a website supporting the concept of conscious creation of reality. It's still in the construction phases. While running keyword searches in Yahoo, I found very little interest in the new age philosophy that you've spent so much time belittling. In fact, it's so appalling that I nearly decided to halt the project.

No, the most popular searches involve nothing of spirituality or religion. On Yahoo, last month the term New Age was searched 20,500 times. Creating Reality was searched 84 times. Even Ramtha, whom you quote, was searched only 2,384. No, worldwide, such interests are sparse.

Janet Jackson receieved over 280,000 searches, 'money' received nearly 600,000 as did Beyonce. 'Sex' received over 7 million searches. Britney Spears got 1.4 million. To put this in persective, God received only 88 thousand searches, bypassed by the deceased sex symbol Marilyn Monroe with 99 thousand. Elvis blew them both away with 151 thousand.

The point is that the English speaking world could care less about new age, or spirituality, or religion, or God. Just look at what they search for.

We care about money and sex and fame. And if some organization or group of people are trying to re-inject spirituality into our culture based on scientific evidence, then more power to them. I do hope they make a lot of money. In fact, I've personally met and discussed the making of the file 'What the Bleep' with the producer, the director, and four of the scientists interviewed. I spent a week with them. They didn't get rich, and in fact, the producer has yet to recover the cost of making the film.

Perhaps, you should do a little homework, check your sources, study the issues, and do this independently of the influences of your culture, family, and friends-- decide for yourself the truth before you degrade (or further degrade) what could potentially be the greatest scientific discovery in history: that consciousness plays a role in the creation of reality.

steven edward streight said...

The New Age movement is fundamentally based on elitist hierarchy of White Patriarchal Ascended Mustards...

...and has a strong Anti-Semitic current running all the way through it.

I respect Buddhist, Jain, and Tibetan teachings. I do not respect:

Westernized New Age Mysticism with Microwave Fast Results to Make You More Metaphysically Correct Than Your Neighbor.

Oh, and Astrology is sloppy, anti-astronomical Pseudo Science, and fits perfectly next to the comic section of your newspaper.

harry potter assassination squad said...

Harry Potter is hugely popular New Age insanity, and I gang are devoted to squashing the little sissypants twerp.

We also intend to purge society of Yu Gi Oh, Ouija boards, Channeling Yo Yos, and those sticks hillbillies occultists use to "find water", called "dowsing" or some similar esoterica term.

tibogban said...

There is no 'new age' movement. That would be like saying there is a 'religious' movement. Duh! Ya think? It's an absurd comment, since there exists no common new age theology or singular theoretical basis. It has been, apparently to all of you, condensed into any line of thought that encompasses whatever you want to define it as. How so convenient for you.

Yet we support Buddhism? Have any of you actually read a book from the New Age section of the bookstore? Pick up any book written by someone you might classify as New Age and what you will find is dozens of references to the teachings of Buddha. In fact, most 'Westernized' New Age books and leaders quote heavily from the teachings of Buddha.

Additionally, to say the New Age movement is anti-Semitic is ludricrous since most modern new age philosophies are derived from gnostic philosophies and teachings of the middle-eastern mystery schools which pre-date Christianity by thousands of years and originated geographically in areas not affliated with the Hebrew race. Pretty hard to be anti-semitic when you don't know any Jews.

Further, since "New Age" has no central theology, a number of 'new age' authors discuss Jewish teachings, especially as related to the Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. Its a pretty popular topic. Add that to the Bible Code - a concept founded on the fact that the first five books of the Bible were given to the Hebrews and contain encoded messages of both historical and future events. An enormous 'new age' interest has surfaced around such computer generated 'predictions', yet, for its popularity to reach such proportions, one must acccept that the Hebrews were the ones chosen to receive the information. In short, it is pro-Semitic, not anti-Semitic.

Definitely, you are correct to criticize becoming more metaphysically correct than your neighbor. This is vanity, and the Bible itself says not to take the Lord's name in vain. In short, do not become religious to become superior. The purpose of spiritual growth is not vanity - that's its exact opposite, but oddly you will not find that position - microwave fast results - in any book I have read in years. Of course, I'm pretty selective what I read, since I do agree about 95% of what is out there is written by con-men. But of the popular, westernized gurus, none would support your 'microwave fast results' comment. None that I know.

I agree, Astrology is pretty much crap, but who still believes in that stuff? The Westernized version of spirituality, to anyone familiar with it, generally ignores it. You'll still find it on the shelves, but a whole different kind of person frequents that area. Even the book stores separate into its own section.

Like I said before, 95% of new age material is crap. But there's a thread of truth a few true seekers are following. To ridicule them is moronic, for it is they who balance logic and scientific fact with spirituality. Sure, you could pick something considered New Age and tear it to shreds, but so could I. I could also burn you at the stake because you were a witch, if I were born in a different time. Paradigms and beliefs change. Beware of categorically criticising something as broad as the New Age movement, when, in fact, you can't even define it.

And someone out there is criticising Harry Potter as part of the New Age movement! Wow! Oh, move over Dorothy and Toto, someone is moving onto your turf. Are you nuts? It's a book of fantasy. Walk to your car, insert key, turn on engine, drive to book store, find section called Sci Fi/Fantasy and see the hundreds of books there. Do you think Isaac Asimov considered himself a New Ager, yet his books sold on the same shelf as Rowling's. Get a life.

And dowsing? Don't you have something better to do with your time? If you are going to write, write something useful.

steven edward streight said...

You command me to stop criticizing New Age bowel movement?

I thought this was a free country and a free internet. I will not change my words because you command me to. But this is what Witchcraft and Sorcery are: myopic narcissism with grandiose delusions of manipulating nature and other human entities.

To quote Buddha is not a ticket to spirtual correctness. I read no New Age pop mysticism books. I read the ancient Vedic, tantra, and bodhisattva texts in English translation, Tibetan, Mahayana, etc.

After all, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and David Koresh quoted the Bible.

Harry Potter is a key figure in the Wicca and New Age Movements, an actual introduction to Magickal thinking using thee olde spells and formulations, leading children to investigate the Book of Shadows, Book of Lies, Necromonicon, Aleister Crowley, etc.

Domination System = Witchcraft = New Age.

Based on ancient gentile nation strife with Israel, the Hebrews, most New Age teachers are Anti-Semitic.

tibogban said...

For starters, I don't believe I was commanding you to stop critizing a movement that I don't believe anyone can even define. I may have been, but I thought my comments were directed at a different post from yours. In any case, your point is noted: commanding wasn't my intent, but after reading it, it did come off that way. My apologies.

Second, please define how you link the 'new age movement' to witchcraft and sorcery. They are NOT the same to me. This instant association, without some link leaves me bewildered. Again, it boils down to, I guess to what you want to pick and choose as to what you consider new age. I certainly would not place sorcery into that category or witchcraft or astrology, but it you wish to make these a part of 'the movement', like you said, it is a free internet.

By the way, most of my reading, apparently like yours involve the 'original' texts (well, admittedly, original translated texts), although I do like to take the time to read what professors and professionals with the appropriate credentials have to say on the texts. For example, (and I still can't get my arms around your assertion that 'new age' equals anti-Semitic) many Ph.D.s have written wonderful books sold in the New Age section of book stores that provide wonderful insights into the original translated texts that would be entirely overlooked otherwise. Oddly, this is particularly noted as it relates to the Hebrew language, since it is both a numerical/numerological system as well as an alphabet. I have read incredible insights from such authors, and their positions could hardly come off as anti-Semitic. More academic than anything, but the simultaneous studies of Hebrew texts combined with analysis by academics is fascinating and certainly well ingrained in what you would define as the New Age Movement. And, again, certainly not anti-Semitic. If anything, one is left with a great appreciation of the brilliance and depth of the levels of meaning imbedded into the Hebrew language.

As for as myself, I have read much of the Vedic texts, the writings of the Essenes, the translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Hag Hammadi texts, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Apocryphal texts, Pseudopigraphal texts, the Bhagavad Vita, Plato, etc, apparently much like you.

Now about poor Harry, well... Harry Potter is a character in a book of fantasy borrowing elements from existing magical systems to create a more believable world (and, subsequently a more marketable world). In the craft of writing, its technically called World Building. I know. I write fantasy novels. I study the craft -not witchcraft, but the craft of writing. Further, I have three children who have all read the Harry Potter books, they have friends who have read them, and the have seen all the movies, and none of them have any interest in learning 'dark arts,' and as a parent I would know if any of their friends developed such a problem. Parents talk. We have too. Harry Potter hasn't caused any problems in our neck of the woods. As Stephen King says of the Harry Potter books, "it's just good fun."

Further, another author published a book about a young man who learned he was a wizard and was whisked off to a hidden school for wizards and witches that had pictures that moved with moving staircases - the whole bit, but the book flopped. Why? Because he couldn't create a believable world. For one his 'magic system' was flawed and two, he couldn't write. So, TK Rowling "borrowed" the concept, built a more believable world, and presto, she gets a best seller. It wasn't because she created a cleverly crafted conspiracy to lure people into the dark arts. The original idea wasn't even hers. She was just a better writer. Are you seriously suggesting a conspiracy here. If so, I'd love you to share some facts beyond simple declarative statements.

And while on the subject of fiction, the Necromonicon was introduced as a ficticious tome used in HP Lovecraft's dark works of fantasy. Since then, a number of authors have attempted to borrow the concepts Lovecraft introduced in his ficticious Necromonicon and have published books under that name. There are many disparate versions. Lovecraft didn't possess a secret book of magic. It's just a part of the game of writing. It's World Building. Lovecraft was great at it.

Two last questions. Please explain how new age teachings are a domination system (when nearly all of them are designed to place the responsibility of our lives on ourselves, and not on some external organization or person - something Emperor Constantine insured did not happen at the Nicea Council when he merged the three major religions of his domain into 'Christianity' so that that everyone must go 'through' the church (controlled by the Roman Empire) to reach God, thus giving up individual control to the external power of the church), and how does this domination system equate to witchcraft and then further to new age. Provide some logic for this progression. You accuse me of 'commanding' you do something or another, while you can make a straightforward declarative statement without substantiation and that's supposed to be okay. Both acts suggest one of us is correct and the other wrong. There's not much difference.

Generally, the new age movement is a loosely organized attempt to regain individual control back from external sources (primarily the church). That's the opposite of a domination system. Generally, it promotes a system of personal freedom and responsibility, a reversal of the current situation on this planet (just ask any terrorist who IS dominated by an extremist dogmatic belief and derives their reward from an external source). New Age, as a rule, gives personal power back to the individual (an internal source of control) and takes it away from dogmatic institutions (an external source of control). That's the crux of the new age movement, although I still maintain it is far to disparate to even define (and much less attack.)

And finally, how are you connecting 'ancient gentile nation strife with Israel' to modern day New Age teachers? Most new age teachers I'm familiar with base many of their positions on ideas and concepts found in Vedic texts, in Buddhism, in the New Testament, in Platoism, and in the early Gnostic teachings (which was ended at the point of a sword by Emperor Constantine to insure no one got to have a personal relationship with God and must rely on the church which he controlled). We both know the Vedic texts have nothing to do with the Hebrews and originated geographical in another part of the world and were written down much earlier than the Old Testament (although, the Old Testament was carried down orally for a lengthy unknown period of time before being written).

Simply put, I'm missing the logical connection between these 'ancient conflicts' and modern day authors and lecturers.

Please don't mis-read me. Hitler was heavily into mysticism, and obviously anti-Semitic, but I have wondered and spent a great deal of time looking for what body of knowledge he took his beliefs from. I've never found it, but rumor suggests that most of his high command held some kind of mystic belief based on something from somewhere from sometime. If you could, and I mean this in all sincerity, point me in that direction, I would love to solve this dilemma, just out of curiosity. You're making a declarative statement about new age = anti-Semitism with any support. I really would LOVE to see the support. Hitler had to get it from somewhere.

The new age I am familiar with would be about as opposite to Hitler's views as one could get. I'm not questioning your facts, I really want to know because I've never found it. Though, I must admit, I've always shied away from the works of Aleister Crowley (or anyone else claiming to be the anti-Christ for that matter), so maybe it's in places I've never looked, nor wanted to.

Sincerely, your help would be appreciated, but please give me some facts, not vague equations, that, honestly, even with a Mensa level IQ, I still don't understand.

steven edward streight said...

All you need do is visit Christopher Locke's Mystic Bourgeoisie web site to find all the links and scholarly references to Anti-Semitism in the New Age.

New Age began with Nimrod, through Orage and Blavastsky and Hitler, then to Esalen, EST, the Public School System, and TV shows like Charmed, Buffy Vampire Kisser, etc.

If you saw your child writhing in bed, agonizing because he wished so maniacally to able to fly like Harry Potter, you would not be so quick to say, like drug dealers: "no bad side effects to it."

If you think kids watch Harry Potter movies, but have no interest in Wicca, Satanism, or the Occult, you're very misinformed.

If you think fantasy is a good place to be, I'll try to see the poetic aspects, the symbolic substance, in a deconstructionist sense.

The underpinnings are all rotten.

New Age is Anti-Semitic.

All domination systems, from white male patriarchy and corporate command and control mentality, to Wicca and spells casting (ala Harry Potter) is Narcissistic manipulation of others, or nature, for selfish ends.

There is no "good witch" any more than there can be a "good cannibal" or a "good liar".

New Age, based on ancient strife of Gentile nations with the Hebrew race, Israel and Judah, the Israelis and the Jews, is fundamentally Anti-Semitic...and Mystic Bourgeoisie has the proof.

tibogban said...

I believe you may have the term new age movement confused with Neo-Paganism. Wikipedia states, "Collectively, New Age has some attributes of an emergent religion, but is too diverse and diffuse to qualify even to the level that Neo-Paganism does." In short, as I repeatedly state, the New Age movement can't even be defined with any level of preciseness, much less criticized (for what specifically would you criticize other than its diversity). Wikipedia does not mention Wicca or magic or witchcraft as a part of the 'New Age Movement'.

Widipedia does a pretty good job of summing up the common threads of the New Age Movement, (though I don't buy into some of it - like 'crystal power' and the like), but here are a few selected tenets:

- All humanity—indeed all life, everything in the universe—is spiritually interconnected, participating in the same energy. “God” is one name for this energy. (my comments: this fundamental core belief includes the Hebrew race, since they are, without argument, a part of Humanity and all life).

- Science and spirituality are ultimately harmonious. New discoveries in science (evolution, quantum mechanics), rightly understood, point to spiritual principles. (my comment: and anyone who has read even some of the Vedic texts would immediately recognize the similarities between modern Quantum Physics and Vedic texts).

- There exists a mystical core within all religions, Eastern and Western. Dogma and religious identity are not so important. (my comment: There is no exlusion of any particular group, sub-group, ethnic or religious, in regards to this tenet. It is all-inclusive and anti-nothing.)

- Ultimately every interpersonal relationship has the potential to be a helpful experience in terms of our own growth. (Again, no specific exclusions of any ethnic groups, and more important, EVERY relationship with anyone of any background is a part of our spiritual growth).

Widipedia goes on to say, "Some, including neo-pagans and particularly reconstructionist groups, who are frequently labeled as New Age, often find the term inappropriate since it appears to link them with beliefs and practices they do not espouse." You might want to read that again. Simply put, neo-pagans do not like being associated with the New Age movement because they don't share the same set of beliefs (or even beliefs remotely in the ballpark). So, you may ask, who are neo-pagans? I think you know.

Well, again, per Wikipedia, under the section, Neo-Paganism, "In the USA, Wicca is the largest Neopagan belief, being an extremely diverse and inclusive religion."

Widipedia also explains, some "... Neopagans stress a connectedness or lineage with older forms of Paganism in terms of an alleged "underground" continuity or tradition, but such claims are largely spurious."

As for as your blog is concerned, you might consider canning simple declarative statements completely (ex. New Age is Anti-Semitic) or you should consider substantiating such statements. Spouting them out like they are self-evident truths, without supporting facts only produces two things: one, a suggestion that you are on the defensive and two a set of 'followers' who can't think for themselves. After several posts on your website, and after an analysis of your replies, I can only conclude that you are espousing some ancient collective anti-Semitic conspiracy that dates back to the time of the Tower of Babel and has persisted some way all the way to the present day.

Personally, I've had my fill of conspiracy theories, since most are crap (and ironically can be found in abundance under the New Age section in bookstores).

As for as the Harry Potter rumors, I grew up watching Superman on television, and ran around the house with a cape wishing I could fly. I don't think that qualifies Superman as part of some dark arts conspiracy, nor was my sleep disturbed by my inability to fly. I also watched Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, but it didn't possess me with a desire to conjure up magic or curse anyone.

Using such logic, we should also abolish Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and Shrek, for that matter. Are these all a part of some anti-Semitic 'conspiracy?', and if not, where do you draw the line? Seriously, where do you draw the line?

And as for my fantasy work, it is designed to inspire, not to lure people into some sinister ancient plot, or into a mire of paganism. The good guys win: proper morales and character lead to victory over dark, ego-centric villians -- the usual fantasy stuff, though I love to throw in a lot of plot twists. But enough of that.

Does anti-Semitism exist? Absolutely. So does anti-Americanism and anti-communism. Am I an anti-Semitic? Under no circumstances would I ever support such a belief system. But, at the same time, I will NOT be lured into a cult-like system of belief that traces a conspiracy agaist the Hebrew race back to the dawn of history itself. You can if you want to. I just don't buy it.

I think I'm almost wrapped here, and as adversarial as our posts may have been, I have enjoyed the exchange of information. It's always good to learn something new, and you threw some things at me I had to check out. I like that.

One last thought before I go: your blog publicly degrades a loosely connected, nearly undefinable belief system (new age movement) that supports humanity, believes in the good of man, supports all races as equal, and empowers individuals and not institutions. And your blog is popular and widely read. So I suggest (not demand, mind you, I've learned my lesson) you isolate who you are actually against, because all semantics aside, the neo-pagan movement sounds more like your target. And neo-pagans, as a general rule, do not like the tag 'new age.' It doesn't exactly align with their principles or practices.

I want to suggest some food for thought. Your blog, though very popular from what I can see is devoted, at least to a large part, to anti-Semitism, and I'm sure to other things I've yet to uncover. You, in your belief system, are trying to protect an ethnic group that has been persecuted throughout history. There is no doubt of this. Such an undertaking is noble - to personally take up the gauntlet for others. And I admire you for this.

Consider, however, that in doing so, you are persecuting other members of the human race rather indiscriminately. Deepak Chopra, a prominent figure in the New Age movement, an asian Indian whose family still lives in India, raised a Hindu, would probably be pretty insulted by your comments on the New Age Movement, since he is a leading voice in it. Your intent and method - to protect those that have been persecuted, by its very nature, persecutes others that would be shocked to be called anti-Semitic. Consider that you might be a little guilty of the very thing you are trying to prevent - the unjust persecution of a particular segment of humanity.

You might consider that you may be bashing the wrong movement, or you might consider being more precise in defining your target. I would never have written a post on your blog had you used the words neo-paganism instead of new age. The two just simply aren't the same, all simple declarative sentences aside.

sara said...

hey vasper - just a quick question: where'd ya score that photo of us? (the angry orts)

not that you cant use it - just make sure to credit the ingenious Jason Quigley for taking it. Also, ARE we a daring pseudo music band??? is that good? or should we be worried? if it is good, COOOOL! if not, even COOOOLER! yeah yeah!

oh yeah, for being so cool and random, if you want to come to our next show - whenever it is - we will give you free beer. yeah! email me!
hurrah for blogs! and exclamation points! !!!

Sara Ort

steven edward streight said...

Sara: I'm trying to remember where I found this photo of the Angry Orts. Man, this is really bugging me. I'll think of it eventually, I hope.

Free beer? For me? While that sounds good, in reality, I can only drink 2 or 3 beers. Then, after that, I fall asleep.

We could discuss other arrangements, some er, more natural intoxicant, if you tide my moon drift. If beer, make it a Blue Moon with orange slice, please.