Sunday, June 11, 2006

Free mp3s: Inside & Andy Warhol by Camouflage Danse

Here's the entire "Inside" session, and one of the very last performances, of me and Bennett Theissen's old art rock band, Camouflage Danse. Recorded "live" in June 10, 1987, at Koch's Soho loft apartment, NYC.

EDIT UPDATE: Here's another BONUS TRACK mp3 that I wanted to get to everybody, but had server problems at Filelodge:

"O SimSim" by Camouflage Danse (8:23)


We began in the distant past in East Peoria, IL, with just Hawaiian wah-wah guitar feedback, acoustic guitars, and Leonard Cohen-esque conclude many aeons later, in a blaze of glory, as an electronic psychedelic industrial space rock jam band.

Camouflage Danse: An experimental art band of some repute in the East Village/Loisaida art scene spearheaded by Mark Kostabi, Alan Vega, Joey Ramone, Rockets Redglare, Richard Foreman, Michael Snow, Pyramid Club, King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, WFMU (we did a 2 hour live concert at that East Orange, NJ college station that was favored by the experimentalists), et al.

This material has just been unearthed, from some faraway vault of a hermit archiver, the original analog cassette tapings. Thus, this is the first time any of this has ever been heard, even by some of us band members. I dimly recall doing this session, and being pleased. Our personal lives were so messed up, we kind of moved on and forgot all about "Inside" session. Now, on the anniversary of its creation, it is my honor to share this with you all.

Bennett and I consider it one of our best performances ever. I'm very impressed with his unique ad lib ability. Our music, including lyrics and singing, were spontaneous, unrehearsed, and completely unplanned. Outside a few exceptions, we had no idea what was coming next, lyrically or theatrically, during our public shows and private performances.

Camouflage Danse performed in New York City at The Knitting Factory, BACA (Brooklyn Academy of Culture and Art), The Brooklyn Armory, Gas, NoSeNo, ReCherChez, Cuando Latino Social Club, WGAF, WFMU (East Orange, NJ Upsalla College station), and various parties.

Now, you brave guinea pig test subjects...

Enjoy ...

the Content Anarchy Utopia.

--you R content--DIY--

FREE, LEGAL mp3s of
Camouflage Danse:

[Lyrics to "Inside" songs at bottom of this post.]

"Inside 1" by Camouflage Danse.

Time: 3:36

"Inside 2" by Camouflage Danse.

Time: 5:51

"Inside 3" by Camouflage Danse.

Time: 4:48

"Inside 4" by Camouflage Danse.

Time: 3:40

"Inside 5" by Camouflage Danse.

Time: 4:48

"Inside 6" by Camouflage Danse.

Subtitled: "Emancipate the Dreamers"

Time: 5:10


"Andy Warhol" by Camouflage Danse.

Time: 10:35

A free-floating art rock space jazz jam with chemo-tronic string-alongs on troubled soil. I have no idea why co-founder Bennett titled this jam "Andy Warhol", when we have an actual song by that title.

"We Need the War" by Camouflage Danse.

Time: 4:47

(1) "Blue Tuesday" (live at Gas, NYC) [3:21]

Our imitation New Order song, based loosely and remotely on their "Blue Monday" song. I'm on synthesizer.

(2) "The Magic Sword" (live at WGAF, NYC) [4:07]

Close to a real "song", this was our seedy bar period, but the joint was only right around the corner from where me and Bennett lived, on First Avenue and 13th Street, East Village, NYC. I play high-note screech guitar.

(3) "Dead Cats for Judy" (live at Gas, NYC) [2:06]

Short intro to a work that was performed at Gas, a gas station in NYC that had been converted to a night club, with huge industrial sculptures on gigantic springs, that bounced around, up and down, when you pushed them.

(4) "CTI" (live at Gas, NYC) [3:32]

The best song from that Gas performance. I'm on synthesizer.

(5) "Rimbaud & Me" (live at NoSeNo, NYC) [5:40]

Noisey, messy intro to "Poodles of Hell" which is possibly the most violent vocal performance in rock history. What this sluggish, flangey warm up produces is quite barbaric and rare. The analog delay screams in the next song are truly spine-tingling. I'm playing a Casio keyboard through a series of effects pedals. R. Dee Lloyd is on Synsonics drum pads.

(6) "Poodles of Hell" (live at NoSeNo, NYC) [3:04]

Pure punk electro minimalism, accompanied by the shock value of the most violent vocal performance in rock history. You have never heard anything quite like this. Bennett does all the vocals in Camouflage Danse, and here he lifts off into space.


Live at WFMU: Part One


The beginning of our 2 hour concert on WFMU, Upsalla College, East Orange, NJ. Intro, Apples, The Wet Look, etc., as always, 100% spontaneous. We were guests on The Immigrant Show. "Apples" is probably my favorite song that we ever did. I'm on high pitch screech guitar.


We Wait


Pretty strange, that "yelping" sound, I think it's a distorted loop of Bennett saying "Bucky Fuller" or something. Not sure what we were "waiting" for, probably the courier service to deliver our [unliquorly socially scorned substances list deleted]. One of our more atmospheric pieces.

ENJOY in utter anguish.

Please let me know if these all download okay and sound good.



was Chorus + Pit Musicians:

Streight/Vaspers: guitar + effects
Bennett Theissen: vocals
Koch: bass guitar
John Furman: synths
R. Dee Lloyd: drums

HOW to SAVE mp3s:

On Windows XP using Firefox browser, I simply right click on the mp3 link, in this case the title "Inside 2" (in blue type), then Save To Disk. I then activate Tools > Downloads for a download monitor-manager so I can see how fast it's downloading, and can, once finished 100%, click on "Open with iTunes".

Your system may be slightly different, depending on OS and music file storage/playback/CD burn system.

Once you gather all the Camouflage Danse and CompuMusik tunes into your iTunes library, you can create a new playlist, then copy and paste them into CDs to burn.

Lyrics to the "Inside" session songs (1-5)
(words / vocals by Bennett Theissen)


what was the dream?
what was the dreamer?
all from the ocean
what was the dream?
over the peak
over the peak
what was the ocean?
what was the dream?
what was the feather?
what was the stream?
what was the question?
what was the fear?
who had it in ya
who had it near
what was the altar
what was the danse
what was the killer
holding in his hands
what was the dream
what was the tear
what was the rip
what was the fear
what was the answer
what was the dream
what took the ocean inside it obscene
what was the terror
what was the key
what held trhe answer
what were my dreams
who held my hand
inside your heart
I grew up by you
you know you're smart
what was the answer
what was the dream
who caught the ocean
inside the beam
what was the ocean
what was the dew
who killed the rainman
who terrorized who?

ccccc kkkkk
kiss my luck
break me down

hold our your hand inside the ocean
hold out the mirror inside your palm
hold out the ocean hold out the deep
hold out the dishes hold our the street

caught another cigarette


inside the kitchen
caught another gas rainbow
inside the kitchen
standing like an old man stands
before the circus.
thinking like the past is a key
it just makes me nervous

and I get so bitter inside this house
you go walk-by-ing
because I'm lying
I'm wanted inside a dirty rainbow
the cross it holds me inside my skin
I'm a cool cynic, I got no chasers
I don't need no mother
I don't need no angels.
I'm a cool cynic at a bitter end.

Lara, I wash you, Lara.
Lara melt in my dreams.

Sometimes the end seems like it's dawning
sometimes your eyes they burn and they crack
sometimes the end it seems like it's morning
ah but I'll go
and I'll never come back.

Lara let me run my tongue over you
I'll taste you Lara
I'm a bitter man you're bitter too
sometimes it seems like the end is almost blistered
sometimes it seemms like the end comes like a sister
sometimes it feels like there is no end
and Camouflage Danse starts again

not to mention that she seems like an artist
not to mention those gallery tales
not to mention the way she can pick ya
not to mention the way she goes insane
not to mention the clothes she's gotta change
not to mention the things she's got to strain
not to mention the knife inside her coat
not to mention the worth inside of hope


she's a back bait biter
she's a petty uncouth
she makes her waiting seem like honor
she makes her shoulder so aloof
she makes me talk in spite of myself
she makes the books I read seem old
she makes the night harder
she makes the days seem so cold
I'm a talking like a poet
I'm a talking like a derange
I'm a talking like a spurned out suitor
I'm talking like a man in pain

do you think I'm prying
do you think I'm dying
do you think I trust myself inside of your head
do you think you need me
do you think I'm lying
do you think the split is so obvious it's right
I don't sing like songs inside the cone
the goddamn hole of every little burn
sexual metaphor autonomy in the door
stick it up.
push it through.
come out over a war door.

I stare at you for a moment
inside the house there's no one happening
inside the house I feel like crying
I feel like dansing alone
I'm no going nowhere
I've not got a date
inside the house is another date rape
got no questions
I got no words
I got the energy of what hurts

Oh I'll speak the truth in concert.
I'll speak the truth on television.
I'll stand tongue-twisted inside your heart.
inside your heart I'll make you eat coal
I'll make you eat coal

nobody's got nothing
everybody's got something burning

the last time I climb into the refrigerator

I light the fuse


do you want to crush my legs on rocks
I want to crush it
and melt it
shock and skull

just a secret bay inside the house
just a secret friend beyond the bay
just a secret dream inside your heart babe
just a secret inside the wave
I feel this way little girl
just a secret break inside the obvious
just a secret place
in a secret room
of a fetal crashing.

I'm only sighing
my normal words.
I cannot stand the way I am
and darkness holds my skin.

the murky sound of Camouflage Danse
June 10th, 1987
are you lost?
yeah yeah, lost in the basement
you lost me

inside your welcome heart.
inside: your welcome arm


lets the floaters come to harm.
inside your welcome arms
inside your leather alarm
inside your withered charms
inside: ajar

flits and other flies like butterflies
"I feel alive"
that's what the caterpillar said to me
I cast adrift my outboard gone
the shells of Wysteria
I wear my sandals, but they cut my foot.

I go inside of the darkness,
on the side of the left and furious,
a side of the dark of the hiders.

oh let's not forget inside of flocks.
Camouflage is like a candle
inside your heart, the life turns green.
my foot inside your nesters
inside of which...

inside the house the love was genuine.
my heart was crossed with strings and webs.
I get this bell into your pocket.
it's all light with jewels shining.

my heart was made a feast for the Empress,
who ate my fingers, my toes, and guts.

my heart it fell in your wintry black window.

you took it and expanded your domain...


Paul Woodhouse said...

What quality avant garde pretentious art-jazz-wank. I'd honestly bottle you off stage, but I'd also love you for trying. ;-)

Kinda love it!

steven edward streight said...

Paul then softened even more and said this in a secret private clandestine classified forbidden back channel VPN darknet bouncing frequency "below your threshhold" communique to me:


Greight stuff.

I think I must still be wankered from last night or summink.

Sorry for not getting back to you about The Fall thing.......but damn, how the hell has he managed to sack his band again?

I wish I'd gone to Manchester on Saturday to see 'em play a 30 year anniversary gig but I was working and had nobody to go with.

Life is awfully weird at the moment as I'm in the last throes of English living and just having a whale of a time pretending I'm 21 again taking all manner of bollocks and doing all manner of bollocks.

Everything is quite liberating and quite scary.

Pah to all things blog!

I can always calm down once i get over yonder fairly shortly.

God bless, sunshine.

Mr. Woodhausen.


All of which makes me feel like I'm dealing with 19th century Dickens landscapes, Chesterton or Chesterfield kings and queens, with sudden shoelacings that sparkle like polished magnets of gargantuan proportionals.

Must regale him with rectorate regalia of my bulbous life.

Rene Vis said...

Hi Steven,

I've tried to download all your nine mp3's on your blogspot.

Seven of them worked fine. Only "Glory Glory" and "Inside 4" I could not download.

The server could not find them. It might be just one number or letter in the formula that can knock it off.

But I think 7 out of 9 is a good score at your first try. I've had more difficulties with Filelodge.

Such as the very slow upload or the breaking of the contact in the middle of an upload.

And it's good to hear some of your musical roots.

So long and take care


steven edward streight said...

I fixed "Inside 4" mp3 and just deleted "Glory Glory" by CompuMusik.

Try dling "Inside 4" again, if you want the complete "Inside" session, but I'm not sure why anyone would.

Next up, trying to convert CompuMusik WAV files into mp3 via iTunes. I activate the conversion. But once I could Move File and put the mp3 on my Desktop. But last few times, I cannot find this Move File command on any menu.

I feel like I'm going insane. Able to do something at 3 in the morning with half shut eyes, then can't do it again at 9 in the morning.

Like an ergonomic fart.

Dave Gershman said...

Excellent stuff -- these have to be my favorite Camouflage Danse tracks yet! These certainly set a mood...

Well done, my man!

Dave Gershman said...

Done! They all downloaded and played perfectly. Nice job with those...the sound quality is especially good!



rene vis said...

Hi Steven,

"Inside 4" can be downloaded now. I remember some years ago when I
first put my tracks on the net.

It was a great feeling. The WHOLE WORLD would listen to them!!

Now I got wiser, but it's still a good feeling.

Yesterday I created an album cover. It might be a new way to start another CD project, entitled "Some Groovy Trip".

I guess it could be about the flower power generation and what came out of their ideas and then-lifestyle.

But it may take a long time to complete it.

Hereby I send you the design for the cover. But please don't show it now,
because it's still an empty sleeve.

So long and take care


Citeren Steven Streight

steven edward streight said...

Rene, I'd put one of your YouTube videos up on VtG, but my browsers are acting stupidly suddenly.

steven edward streight said...

Dave, thanks. Bennett, the singer, will be appreciative of such praise.

bennett said...

Steve wants the Inside piece all as one mp3 -- and for the record Inside 1 through 5 is one continuous piece, Inside 6 is a second short piece -- but do you listening folks need that? You know you can set them up on WinMedia or WinAmp and they WILL play continouously, right? Or should I make one long mp3?

Jon Furman is Jones, not John Furman. He's now Yeller Skeltin, anyway. Steve gets to be Vaspers but he wasn't Vaspers in 1987 when Inside was recorded. Me (bennett), I was Su Madre.

But now I'm a dj on and I live in Los Angeles and I have all or most of the Camouflage Danse tapes and am doling them out as I have time. And the question is, do you want more? You, the listening audience. Or have you had enough? Oh, there are many more tapes, some really good ones.

Oh, by the way, hi Steve!

harry potter assassination squad said...

I would like all the CAmoflage Dance music you have available.

Your singing is remarkable, as are your lyrics. Good poetry and strange, unique imagery. More! please?

helium pocket pal said...

Go for it. We are waiting patiently. Greedily.

Did you guys put out any commercial releases, or is it all private tapings?

any videos of the band that you coud put up on Youtube???

mr. glog and son said...

Yes, a vidio on YouTube would be nice.

"inside session" flows from one track to the next in a nice, melodic movement, and ends well. is this on video?

not so sure about "andy warhol jam" but it is rapidly growing on me...


steven edward streight said...

Harvey Dog posted this comment at "my blogging days are numbered" post, and I paste it here for Bennett to read.

BENNETT: go visit Harvey Dog's blog. A link is in my right sidebar, above the FREE Camouflage Danse mp3s link.

[QUOTE from Harvey Dog]

I am listening to Camouflage Danse as I'm typing this.

I am absolutely loving it!

I like the way you guys balance experimentation with listenability.

Not an easy thing to do, yet you manage it. I love the sound of the Hawaiian wah-wah guitar feedback!

So cool...and you guys played at some pretty prestigious places.