Saturday, June 24, 2006

FREE mp3 "O SimSim" by Camouflage Danse

Here's another music mp3 file of Camouflage Danse.

I've also added it to the main Camouflage Danse mp3 download page, as displayed in my sidebar.

A mystical, middle eastern, south asian jam called "O SimSim", in which snake charmers play hallucinatory flutes, effluvial horns, and exotic strings, while Bennett explains how music operates in the mind, and how we're using sound to alter the personalities of our audience members.

In this piece, we hear the osmosis of electronic and traditional cultures, as they pass in and out of each other, through the core of the song.

Bennett "talk-sings": "Now that I've got your attention, I'm going to rhapsodize a little . You've got to understand that as things do sequentially abbreviate, we can only hope to affect your mind in direct proportion to what you put into listening to this...[a ritualistic cigarette lighter (?), something something (?)] these sounds are [blurted out?] to you to accommodate what happens to you in your life as you listen to this." -- "O SimSim"

"O SimSim" by Camouflage Danse


Chorus + Pit Musicians


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