Monday, June 26, 2006

explanation of blogs: the Blog Hammer strikes now

Kami of Overtone Communications is asking other bloggers, and we all think we're "experts" and "blogologists" if we've been blogging for 6 months or more (me? over 25 months now), questions.

"Corporate Blogging 101: What You Said"

Blog Hammers 4 Sale

Soon, I'll also be selling genuine, authentic, signed and sealed Blog Hammers...

that you can use to nail clients to the walls of the blogosphere, pound in the salient points, and hammer home the foundational planks of blogging and those sharp, stickery blog core values. All you'll need to do is supply the aggressive mental muscle. The Blog Hammer will do the rest for you. Guaranteed.

I posted a comment that was a bit strident about "just do it yourself, Mr. / Ms. CEO" and I feared that my many "you"s might be mistakenly thought to be critique of Kami or her project.

So I just added this comment to more fully explain my position about detached, safe and comfortable, uncommitted, non-participatory studies of the blogosphere, frequently conducted by universities and ad agencies.

My main point is that surveys and anecdotal evidence are not the way to truly grasp the Blog Revolution.

I say forget the blogology, skip the timid analysis, and just jump on in.

The water's fine. Temperature-wise. Try to pretend not to be nauseatingly repulsed by the sewage that has seeped in at certain hot spots of our terrain. Focus on the Olympian leaders, the A Listers and obscure genius bloggers who have something important to say, and know how to cleverly, memorably say it.

Without censors or editors or publishers or committees or filters.

"What is a blog?" they ask poignantly.

As far as the corporate clueless, yeah right. Those who still scratch their heads about the "mysterious" blog?

They also pretend they still "don't get" customer relationship marketing, Deming's Continual Improvement mandates, IT control and audit systems, intranet abuse, the New Share Economy, Net Neutrality, or viral email campaigns.

It's hard to convert a reclusive CEO or a secretive company to candid, open, vulnerable, authentic 2 way conversation via a blog. But this is what users expect from a blog. Not corporate press releases delivered by a cartoon moose, but a real communique from a real personality.

Blogger Authenticity is achieved by spontaneous writing. By leaving in a few rough edges, a few typos, a few snarly replies. By revealing a few things about your hobbies, tastes, and interests. By sharing fascinating facts about processes and systems at your company, in a lively, anecdotal narrative.

Practice transparency, controversy, integrity, responsivity, customer a real live blog. You'll learn more than just blogging in the process. You'll gain competitive edge by connecting with real live customers.

Quit pondering. Jump in.

My new comment at Kami's blog:

You know we have clients and inquirers who are clueless about blogs. Even when we keep hammering home the main points.

I shamefully retreat into "digital diary" or "online journal" to oversimplify the issue of blogging.

How can one then proceed to blogonomics, sidebar enhancements, Blogosphere 4.0, blogocombat, blogodiplomacy, blog core values, comment spam, blogrolls, RSS, blogoid objects, blog scorching, blog culture, blog psychosis, over-bloggification syndrome, vampire blogs, pseudo/ghost blogs, and reciprocal commenting?

In most cases, we can't.

We just build a blog for them, show them how to maintain and wield it, and hope for the best, and return to our own and try to set a good example.

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Mr Angry said...

I am so lining up for my very own blog hammer!

steven edward streight said...

You are so going to get one, a winged one that you don't even have to swing, it swings itself. You just tell it where to go, and it gets the job done...

...knocking some senseful insight barbs into their thick skulls.

steven edward streight said...

It took me about 5 minutes to figure out what to do with a blog.

so why's it take a smart CEO over 2 years to do the same?

I'm a CEO of a tiny company. I've been a Corporate Communications Director at a large marketing firm that had all the big clients like Department of Defense, GM, Sony, Xerox, IBM, etc.

I think you have to have a business mind, an avid hobby zeal, an exhibitionistic personality (no shoegazers succeed here, except for The London Apartments band that's barely audible, so shy), and some degree of spontaneous unedited writing skill.

There. My next post is created in the lab of a comment thread.

See how simple blogging can be? But businesses still can't quite "figure it out"?

No, they do know. They just don't want two way conversations. Period. No mystery at all. They are Domination System lackeys.

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