Wednesday, June 07, 2006

does your blog have enough hate?

You are what you hate, but: do you accurately communicate that hatred to your readers?

Stop. Sorry, but I want to avoid misunderstandings.

You love some things, right? You love, let's say, pizza, hot wings, Blue Moon ale, YouTube, Caroliner, and Seinfeld. Wow you're just like me! So how are you and I differentiated from each other?

Our uniqueness lies most likely in either our Chief Driving Passions, or in What We Abhor.

Don't think, "Hate? People are supposed to be nice. Vaspers is crazy, if not evil."

But...what about this? Justice hates unfairness and crime. Truth hates deception. Peace hates violence. Even love hates. What does love hate? Love hates loneliness, non-reciprocity, and betrayal.

So think about what makes you "you". It's what your Chief Driving Passions are...and What You Rage Against, when the situation arises, or a bad memory re-plays itself in your reverie.

My Chief Driving Passions include avant-garde music, philosophy, digital art, web usability, blogology, gardening, theology, poetry, deconstruction, business communications, and online marketing.

My Loathings include war, domination systems, religious hypocrisy, user-hostile web design, pseudo-blogs, sexual predators, corporate corruption, and mainstream media.

When we discuss what we "love", we usually don't say much. People either agree or disagree, and keep to their own tastes, no matter how much you rave about something. But when we discuss what we hate, people pay attention, and judge us more on these hatreds.

We need to hate the correct things, not just anything. My point today is: be bold about it. Find out what needs to be hated, and start hating it. Start destroying it, with whatever you can ethically, legally, and morally do. Actually try to stop war, racism, bad web design, poor usability, whatever you legitimately hate.

Like if you said you hated men, that would be far more significant than what music you like. Or if you hated Arabs, or Eskimos, or farmers, or politicians...your hatreds say so much more than your loves. Why?

Because we tend to take for granted the people and things we love, but we're always pissed off about the things we hate. And we tend to do more about what we hate, than what we love. In hatred, you're always attacking the enemy. But in love, we rarely cherish, nourish, and protect sufficiently.

What do you hate?

How does your blog show it?

What else are you doing about ruining those things that really deserve to be hated and opposed?

"All evil needs to for good people to do nothing."

("I don't want to make her angry, I don't want to rock the boat, I don't want to jeopardize my job security." = the pathetic excuses of the gutless enablers of evil and error.)


carrie said...

i really like this post. it deserves to be printed and hung up on the wall next to the computer.

it's like...

why not use my strong feelings of frustration and my blog to channel those feelings and end up creating something out of it.

what do i hate?
that is fertile soil.

G. Randy Primm said...

ah, steve steve steve, you are so crazy.

but correct, in a twisted sort of way. there is much power in hate.

why we could start several new reichs with all the hate floating around out there, if we just had the bandwidth.

still, i see much truth in what you say. i myself was just floating along previously, fat, dumb and happy (well, mostly happy. ok, not happy, or fat and actually reasonably bright, but you get the idea) when this technical legal as*h*le named alberto gonzales went to work for this government and i blew my stack.

so rather than drown kittens (which was my first impulse) i decided to start a blog and vent. i still have headaches when i think about the jerks running this country, but now i have subscribers, and we can all be pissed off together.

we have a community of pissed-offness.

there is beauty in that, don't you think?

steven edward streight said...

We stupid Amerikans are taught to be "nice", be polite, be quiet, be good, be be be...according to Parental Authority based on Social Norms for the Ultimate Profusion of the Human Race as Defined by Your Particular Sect.

See? No "according to reason", nor "according to self-respect", nor "according to genuine compassion and integrity".

Social Norms are just devolutions of Government/Religion monoliths designed to kill, destroy, and dominate.

Now, the only proper response to Domination Systems is to despise and hurt them toward their ultimate demise and ruin.

So one of our Domination Systems, springing forth like an ugly gangly weed in our human garden, is "always be nice"...which women get heavier doses of, so that it's not even "nice" to speak of the horrible things happening.

Once all government, as practiced in this saha-world, is seen to be false, and all politics to be vanity and sadism, we begin to smell the real roses of ethical anarchy.

Democracy is another word for ethical anarchy. Democracy in the sense that each man or woman must figure everything out for themselves. That no single authority holds sway, but the Platonic Republic of Reason and Laws of Mind.

But since all humanity is floating in the air of error, we distrust all. We even criticize our own beliefs, and if sincere, we are more harsh toward our pet beliefs and ingrained attitudes, than we are to foreign philosophies and faiths.

As a Pacifist, it is my duty, under King Reason, to severely and harshly critique any pacifist philosophy, and not just embrace it because it waves the correct black flag.

So we must "hate" even those things we love and honor the most. Not "hate" in an irrational, emotional sense, but "hate" as in, distance yourself from it, look askance at it, test it, goad it, slap it around a bit, tickle it, stroke it, jerk it around...take that idea and make it work for its supper.

carrie said...

you should be a teacher or give lecgtures or whatever... i don't know. you have a way with words.