Friday, June 16, 2006

crypto blogging, er, blobbing

Crypto blobbing is to deviate from mutual understanding in the interest of an elite corps of insouciant intelligentsia, the carefully self-chosen few, who can noodle a bit a two-banana, and decode the communique.

For others, who will be annoyed and impatient, the text just sits there, like a blob. Meaning-free and floating randomly like crazy. "This is stupid," they say. "If your right hand offends you, cut it off. Desire is desire of the Other. Makes no sense. Nuts," they proclaim boisterously.

And they leave, thinking you can't talk very well, and thinking they're smarter. So you are spared a Judas or sandbag mediocrity who hates poetry, rigorous imaginative mind training, and hermeneutics.

Crypto blobbing is to use a blog for muddying the communication waters and wires, until the truth that needs to hide and move under the radar can be revealed in a clandestine cloister for a small circle of fully indoctrinated devotees.

Crypto blobbing is writing in a deliberately befuddled, evasive, implicit manner, in a blog post, to send a signature event to loyal flagellites.

Like parables, or esoteric whisper-transmission teachings.

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