Sunday, June 25, 2006

CompuMusik rubber mirrors CD

I'm serendiptitiously working on the next CompuMusik CD, entitled "I Am Passing Through Rubber Mirrors". The title track, clocking in at 10:00, is finished.

Deliberately choosing an obscure, tiny, unknown net label, I have contacted Molokini Records (Stars in Coma is a good band on this net label) in Sweden. We shall see if their dream is to distribute Camouflage Danse music mp3s to an international audience of audiophiles.

Want to hear Gameboy inspired electronica? Check out "The Gameboy Singles 2002" by Nullsleep.

I have joined the Independent Online Distribution Alliance (IODA). This membership enables me to share with my readers a wide range of FREE music mp3s. It's a Share Economy concept (free samples of the artist's music) to encourage you to buy entire albums from the net labels. I completely endorse their business model.

I continue to be amazed by Her Highness and an even more recent discovery: The Uberkids.

From The Uberkids "Remixes Debut EP" page:

For this debut remix release the Uberkids, Rebekah and Noah Simon, secreted themselves in their studio and created a collection of specially-recorded loops and samples, which they then supplied over the internet to several members of the Skylab Operations family (such as I Am Robot And Proud, Headphone Science, Sweet Trip, .Tape, and of course, Phasmid) with specific instructions that the remixers could do anything they wanted with the samples as long as they did not turn them into anything scary or demonic sounding.

The results of these joint endeavors are presented below for your listening pleasure.

The Uberkids are presently working on a new collaborative effort with their father, Phasmid, who enjoys releases on Skylab Operations, Piehead Records, and many others.

When not writing and recording music, the U-Kids like to spend their time playing house and fighting with each other.

It's weird to think this great progressive music was made by some little brats.

The Uberkids is radiometered, omni-dimensional dance-groove, with little children's voices. Avant Dance Music. Good sweet breeze summer lemonade sipping music, as the butterflies flutter by.

Download the mp3 "The Pedal Makes This One Sound Different" and I think you'll be hooked on a feeling. A summery, happy feeling.

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