Friday, June 30, 2006

CompuMusik rubber mirrors CD finished

I finished my long-awaited new CD tonight. CompuMusik uses Audacity audio editor/sound creation freeware. Promotion photo above by MaryBeth.

"I Am Passing
Through Rubber Mirrors"


(-1-) I am drifting through wires and air [8:28]

(-2-) I am entering new found land of vapor bodies [17:28]

(-3-) I am passing through rubber mirrors [12:26]

(-4-) I am traveling toward liquid borders [23:04]

TOTAL TIME = 61:32

Email me a P.O. Box or land address, and I'll mail you a FREE copy of this computer music. On archive-quality, scratch resistant Maxell Music Pro CD-R.

"ambient sludge for interplanetary INFOtainment"


Newsandseduction said...

compu trash is a natural result of a hard day in front of one, or night?

steven edward streight said...

CompuTrash is an image from TechRepublic, an IT blog community of CNET.

It was just one in a collection of many images of how people abuse their computers, letting cats walk all over their hard drives, spilling jello and soda into keyboards, etc.

Funny, yes?

Newsandseduction said...

yes. people learn to cope with the things that bother them including the technology!!