Friday, June 09, 2006

Chelsea Hotel blog in Vaspers the Grate, then the NY Times

[Hotel Chelsea image from NYC Architecture dot Com's file on Hotel Chelsea ]

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More options 11:20 am(34 minutes ago)

Hi Steven,

The blog [Living with Legends: Hotel Chelsea]was featured in The New York Times last Sunday. Thanks for being one of our early supporters.

VASPERS/STEVEN: I ran a post about Chelsea blogging (July 2005), then the Living With Legends: Hotel Chelsea Blog, around November of 2005.

It's a perfect blog in many respects. Its allegiance to the great things and thoughts of past art, of traditional venues, of ancient lore and contemporary power, Living with Legends has finesse and information, packaged soothingly in an adroit personal style.

I stayed at the Chelsea Hotel once, with my girlfriend Vava Vol, when I lived in NYC. Always wanted to perform live music and release an album "Camouflage Danse (or now, CompuMusik) LIVE at the Chelsea Hotel", but never did. Hope to some day soon. I love NYC, and Chelsea Hotel, and ...

...this blog. A personal/neighborhood/real estate/arts blog, a weird and wonderful mishmush of private thoughts and local action, within an historic building and delightfully eccentric, bohemian environs.

VtG reader Kathryn in a surreal pose. She appears to be a collage of disparate but harmonious parts, compiled as pure visual data.


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Str8, you need to hook the DCS up with Kathryn! HOT! Like the new tunes, BTW. Fell asleep to them last night.

steven edward streight said...

Er, I should've warned you:

(1) this is not a MySpace dating hook up blog

(2) Kathryn I think may be matrimonially committed to a husband

(3) one must certainly NOT fall asleep listening to "the void blue human" by Steven Streight CompuMusik, as it can cause sudden involuntary enlightenment, for which one will then become achingly responsible to share with other robotic entities.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Maybe that is why I had such interesting dreams that evening.

steven edward streight said...

Uh, those weren't "dreams".

You actually did all those things.