Friday, June 09, 2006

blog: product of democracy

A blog is a product of democracy, not a derivative of the faux inevitability of The Technological Imperative.

Now, let's think together, though independently, about the Root of the Blog, its genesis, okay?

What seed contained the nucleus of the blog?

Where did the blog, and I mean the very concept, you know:the idea of an easily managed personal web site -- where did this thought come from?

Blogs did NOT come from:

* technology

* authority

* government

* narcissism

* self-obsession

* exhibitionism

* diarist journalism

* desire for self-expression

* need to hook up with others

* advertising

* marketing

* sales

* religion

* politics

* photography

* motherhood and babies exhibited like objects for kidnap or sale

* computer gaming

Nope. None of these things lie at the very bottom of the basis of blogging. So how did all these things enter the blogosphere?

Well, let me explain this confused mess of ideologies we call the "blogosphere".

What caused it? That's where we begin with any emotion, idea, government, faith, etc. We first inspect the underpinnings, the foundation, the catalyst that made it manifest itself.

What caused The Blog? Democracy.

Sure, The Blog needed a certain degree of technology.

Computers linked, hooked up, connected, networked, relayed, redundanced, nuanced, and sleek with speed over Broadband. Software apps like WordPress, TypePad, Xanga, MySpace, LiveJournal, Metafilter, Blogger, Moveable Type, etc.

But the cover image of Naked Conversations by my friends Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, which quotes me BTW, has finally made sense: two tin cans connected by a string.

According to blogology experts, like Doc Searls, Dave Winer, and Rebecca Blood, the first "blog" was a web log, a log or journal of updates concerning the computer realm. The first "blog": Tim Berners-Lee's "What's New" page at CERN in Switzerland.

So far, it looks like Technological Imperative (that which can be invented, must be invented, and accepted by humanity) at work. But...

Tim merely wished to share his knowledge with others. He used a frequently update web page to inform his colleagues about new developments in computer technology, servers, software, and other techie geek stuff.

But did you see that little word "share"? That's democracy. Authoritarianism has no wish to share anything, but may sell it to certain markets. Tim wanted to share, to communicate with individual human beings, who were necessarily on a level playing field.

If you had a computer with access to certain networks, you could tool your way to truth, to Tim's factual, unemotional, non-narcissistic, non-monetized, non-self-expressive BLOG.

In fact, I think it began with him just trying to update his fellow CERN researchers on new developments on their mutual projects. Later, it branched out to updating anyone on everything computer/technology related.

Soon, the facts were accompanied by aggressive commentary, despising certain things, raving about other things. Only slowly did a "blog" become defined as simply a personal diary online, which is a fundamental, but incomplete, way to understand the blog.

But, as I see it, and you may see it differently, since the blogosphere is one big fat Universal Online Democracy...the blog sprang forth from Democracy, Share Economy, and Freedom of Information, borne on the wings of Computer Network Technology.

Imagine what it would be like to have a computer and be able to visit web sites, but there were no blogs. You could interact only with corporations, religious institutions, governments, and other mythical domination systems -- and NOT individual people.

Do you see the blog in a new light? The blog could be used by a company using the CEO to blog about how great their products are, and try to build an online community around the benefits of a product...but, that's going to be boring if the CEO has little imagination.

A blog is really just two tin cans connected by a string, times 30 million or whatever the latest numbers are on how many blogs exist, and confounded by cross-connections and overlap.

Tyranny hates freedom. Unjust Power fears blogs.

Notice who in society attacks blogs, and who defends them. You will see a whole panorama of majestic aggression of Domination Systems snarling at the poor humble little weblog, as though a vast assembly of Goliaths needed to band together to squash this mouthy, microscopic blog.

The last syllable of blog is "og" as in "ugh" or: "we're not gonna take it anymore, so screw you." The triumphant cry of Democracy: the Champion of Free Thought.

"Every revolution has more or less the effect of releasing men to their own conduct, and of opening before the mind of each one of them an almost limitless perspective....

Everyone then attempts to be his own sufficient guide, and makes it his boast to form his own opinions on all subjects. Men are no longer bound together by ideas, but by interests..."

-- Alexis de Toqueville, Philosophical Method of the Americans, Democracy in America, Volume 2.

The Vaspers the Grate New Age Golf and Global Village Contemplation Float at the Mental Elaboration Parade in New Guinea, S. Florida, USA 2006, with Celeste flashing the Eastern Meditation symbol, see there, her right hand and fingers curled esoterically?' Thank you, vaspy lady-folk,

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