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blog creativity and Caroliner Rainbow

Title: The Tee Pee Organs in Revlrie
Label: P TAPES
Format: 7"
Price: $4.00
Catalog #: P5
Found a box of this old 7" from the mid-90s. Comes in an oversized half-hexagon cardboard sleeve. Legitimately zonked space-out gusts of brat-appropriate voidal juice.

Can you be creative, in a poem, business, marriage, painting, music band, or blog?

Creative means different ... in a good, useful, amusing, or entertaining way.

While we could say a nuclear bomb is technically "creative", due to the sporadic brain trauma and evil specializations of its painful artificial birth, we generally reserve the word to ethical, benevolent, or at least non-harming items, like a poem, painting, music composition, clothing fashion, gourmet recipe, or hairstyle.

Creative people have deliberately cultivated curiosity momentum and exploration skills.

Creative people are eccentric, don't fit in, are almost universally known to be reclusive hermits and camera shy.

Real creative people, unlike Hollywood film "celebrities", shun publicity, have no wish to be immensely popular, and they even tend to disparage fame and fortune.

Creativity is originality spontaneously outflowing from the residual catalysis of incalcitrant hard work on the basics and the unresolved questions still remaining in the art genre and media.

To be musically creative, for example, one must listen to all the pioneering composers, and be familiar with all the bizarre tangents, like Varese, Ussachevsky, Xenakis, and...Caroliner.

Caroliner is perhaps the most radically strange and difficult to explain musical ensemble.

I provide a few details about the band sometimes known as Caroliner - The 1800s Singing Bull, I think, or maybe often, quite nicely often (since Googling "caroliner" by itself is a bad idea aid, so one must Google "caroliner rainbow" to get anything on 'em, same at YouTube) Caroliner Rainbow (mp3s of live performace on Cake And Polka blog), just to inspire you in whatever industry, business, hobby, artform, or specialized activity you pursue as a career or as an enjoyment.

[QUOTE--from web site interview with band member]

BS: Well the original Singing Bull was from back in the 1800's, and the whole trip was uh ... let's see.

To start off, this gal had a singing bull on a ranch. She took it around, it sang all these songs, it could pick up songs, you'd relay these songs to it and then it would get it back to you, it would sing it back to you ... like a tape deck... right?

And then, uh, so what she did is, she took it around, took it to all these mine camps, made a small little amount of money, you know, and entertained people. and took a [ ? ] took it back to the ranch [ ? ]

Anyway she goes back to the ranch, there's nothin' to eat, everything's gone to hell, there's no food, nothin', so she cuts up Caroliner and eats it, wraps it in its own skin and it keeps on singin'.

And then all the songs are whatever, passed down, and I got 'em.

They all got copywritten in 1983 when the band first formed, and we're crankin' out the albums as soon is everybody has the time to get together and throw 'em together. It's really hard workin' with a lot of people.

The eighth record ("Rings on the Awkward Shadow") is not gonna be that big of a deal because it's only like one or two people per song, workin' on a song, you know, the most being four people per song. So that should be coming out soon hopefully.


Bennett Theissen, my junior high till now friend, who lives in Hollywood, says that this 8th album is his favorite, and that it was recorded on a "wire recorder". Anybody know what that ancient tech is? Anyway, it's a remarkable album, a double vinyl recording, a 2 record set.

YouTube has videos by them, or actually, of them performing live in their elaborate costumes that they sing about sometimes.

I remember several years ago playing "I'm Armed with Quarts of Blood" LP by Caroliner, and re-playing it, over and over, and now look at me. CompuMusik is like a high tech, super computer version of Caroliner and Morton Subotnick.

Caroliner: a good example of artisitic synergy and focused creativity...and very weird sounds, banjos and electronic noise and high pitched hillbillyish singing. Addictive. Warmly wobbly bubble froth for Singing Bull fanatics.

Caroliner Rainbow Fact Sheet

downloaded from ANOMALOUS RECORDS and RRRecords Catalog on the web on oct 27 1995 369w


Caroliner Rainbow Fingers of the Underground & Their Unbreakable Bones "The Sabre Waving Saracen Wall" LP $6.99 strange and abrasive music in handmade cover. (U.S.) CARO 06

*Caroliner Rainbow Grace Blocks "Rings on the Awkward Shadow" double LP $12.99 unmusical insanity recorded on a wire recorder. very individual hand painted covers. (U.S.) BSR 1

Caroliner Rainbow Hernia Milk Queen "Rear End Hernia Puppet Show" LP $6.99 soundtrack for tortured Country Westerns played with electric fingernails on a blackboard, feedback, and apples that curse and spit when salted. authentic San Francisco garbage included in these one of a kind, hand assembled boxes. Subterranean Records (U.S.) CARO 01

Caroliner Rainbow Open Wound Chorale "Rise of the Common Woodpile" LP $6.99 other dimensional cross of the 1800's and modern noise. hand decorated 12" x 15" envelope cover. (U.S.) CARO 03

Caroliner Rainbow Scrambled Egg Taken for a Wife "Banknotes, Dreams, & Signatures" LP $6.99 a horse named Old Eggwipe, a girl who ate salt pills sewn into her doll's fingers,_ (U.S.) CARO 07

Caroliner Rainbow Stewed Angel Skins "I'm Armed with Quarts of Blood" LP $6.99 amplified din mixed with country rant and noise. hand painted advent cover with built in grit. Subterranean Records (U.S.) SUB 69

Caroliner Rainbow Susans and Bruisins "The Cooking Stove Beast" LP $6.99 abrasive, 19th century in a funhouse mirror with fiddles, banjos, screeching vocals and washed of tortured guitar feedback. (U.S.) CARO 04

Caroliner Rainbow Wire Thin Sheep Legs Baking Exhibit "Strike Them Hard, Drag Them to Church" LP $6.99 hand printed cover. (U.S.) CARO 05

Caroliner / Eeyore Ass Guzzler 7" $3.99 two monsters of contorted psychodeathcountry. elaborate handmade collage cover. Eerie Materials (U.S.)

from RRR catalogue


* Caroliner Rainbow - Bead Trail Jarduin/Cooking Stove Beast - 7" 4.00

------------------------------------------------------------------ --------

* Factrix - Scheintot - LP 7.00 * Faxed Head - Show Pride In Coalinga - 7" 4.00 * German Shepherds - Music For Sick Queers - LP 7.00 * Psyclones - Psyclones - LP 7.00 * Z'ev - My Favorite Things - LP 7.00

Caroliner Rainbow
Customary Relaxation
of the Shale

"Sell Heal Holler"

- Horse Cannons
- The Superflous Snap Pipoes the Veteran Lung
- My Books a Greased Gray Gift Given in Exchange for Passage Examination
- The Air Blasted Earth
- Fly Swarm Around the Angle Corpse
- Surgur Ax Smiths
- Damsels In Short
- Sell Heal Holler
- The Cellar with the Intestinal Relief

c. 1995 (CARO 09)

All Caroliner records have hand made covers and lyric sheets. Your cover may vary.


Anonymous said...

you found a box of these. are they for sale? since yr listing prices it gives the impression you can buy this stuff

steven edward streight said...

My bad: that was a quote "Found an old box of these..." and I'd have to dig around to find where I found it.

I myself DO NOT have this 7" by Caroliner Rainbow, but I wish I was the one who found the box.